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    Hi all,
    For a very long time now, a couple of years (in addition to a period of attraction to it all at an early age) I have been interested in the ABDL scene. Up until now, I have always longed to get involved in it more, as opposed to just reading about it.
    I would say I'm much more DL than I am AB, I often get to a point with AB where I cringe a lot, and therefore seem to lean more towards the diaper-part of it.
    I'm afraid thats all I can think of really.

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC! What are some of your interests aside from diapers? Me? I like pie!

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    Welcome shortbread! You seem like a nice guy, and if there's one thing that ADISC does well it's help people come to terms with themselves. Hopefully in time you'll be able to embrace your TB side as well! :3

    You took a big step joining here, so congrats on that! *hug!* x As babybeau says, any hobbies or interests you wanna share? x

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