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    Hi all,


    I am from the UK and would like to formally introduce myself and just to say to the comments, that my Intentions were never to be "creepy" and I can only appologise for the first rushed intro.

    I am a AB/DL and have been for many years and was led to this site by my friend Harry, and I hope to interact with all here over the coming months and would like to make new friends and gain support and share other interest's.

    I have many Hobbies and enjoy walking holidays, this year I am spending my holidays in the south of france which I am looking forward too, I am currently teaching myself french which I must say is not easy, but I have always wanted to learn another launguage.

    I am an easy going lighthearted person who enjoys spending time with friends and having fun, and I consider laughter and being happy an important part that should play in all of our live's, I don't do much reading but I like to listen to all types of music in my free time, and I am a great K.D Lang fan and also I like Jools Holland who I saw live last year in a country park and think he is a great muscian.

    I have joined simply because I am curious about the lifestyle, and appreciate other elements of the AB/TB lifestyle, I am currently acquainted with someone who is an AB/TBDL, and I am keen to know more about it from support and friendship.

    I look forward too hearing and speaking with you all and participating in your forum over the coming months, and I hope that the "creepy comments", can be put aside so that I can enjoy and be part of your community.

    Thanks Adam

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    Hey Adam. I've seen you around in chat. Its always nice to have another UKer around. Welcome to Adisc!

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    Thanks LittleDaniel for the welcome and good to chat with you.

    I hope to see you around soon,


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    First, I should say "hello," and remark that I have seen you in the IRC.

    Now, getting down to business: the "interest in ABDL" part of your profile (the one where you check boxes saying things like Babyfur or Incontinent or Adult Baby) are meant to reflect who you personally are. As you are not a Teen Baby, I would advise that you uncheck that box.

    That being over, it is lovely that you are teaching yourself another language. There are a great many polyglots on this site, and I myself am attempting to become one of them as well.

    Welcome to ADISC, and I hope you enjoy your stay! :P

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