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Thread: How do u become Adult baby sissys

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    Lightbulb How do u become Adult baby sissys

    Anyone have any ideas
    Thx arizona dl

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    I'm not sure whether you mean why do people become adult babies, or how can you become one?

    Most people develop this interest either in early childhood or during puberty, and the reasons why people may have the desires which lead them to become adult babies aren't really known. Some people have their own theories behind why they are ABs, and other people may not really be sure what lead to this desire. Equally, some people discover this side of them beyond childhood/puberty, in their late teens or in adulthood. People may become adult babies after finding out about it online, or after being introduced to it by a partner, and deciding to experiment. Some people with an interest in diapers, but no interest in being babied, report becoming ABs after joining sites like adisc, where after spending time around ABs they developed a desire to experiment themselves. I imagine that becoming a sissy develops in much the same way - some people would have had desires from an early age, others may discover it or be introduced to it later in life.

    If you are looking to become an adult baby sissy then there is no set way to 'become' one. Most people's desires to be babied are deep-rooted within them, and many would argue that there has to be some intrinsic desire to want this to be an adult baby or a sissy. That said, if you wish to become one then chances are that you already have some desire to be involved in this, and already believe that you would enjoy this. In that case you are already part of the way there

    My advice would be to experiment. Think about the aspects of being an adult baby and/or sissy which are most appealing to you. Do you long to use a pacifier or a bottle? To wear female clothes? To play as a baby girl? Then try those things out. Try buying a baby bottle and making yourself a bottle of milk, or buying yourself some female clothing to wear. It might be that you really don't like it, in which case perhaps try something else, or it may be that you really enjoy it. In that case you may want to take your experimentation further by trying something else that you feel represents part of being an AB and/or a sissy.

    If you enjoy activities which you believe are representative of what being an AB or a sissy mean to you, then in my opinion that probably means you are one. There are no set rules or definitions when it comes to being an AB or a sissy - different members have different ideas regarding how they indulge in their AB/sissy sides and different members will have different interests. For example, some members may believe that pacifiers are a central part to being an AB, whilst other members might really dislike them. Think about the activities you would enjoy and the items you wish to use, and try them out. If after much experimentation you still do not feel comfortable or fulfilled with acting the role of AB/sissy then perhaps you are not one.

    I don't know whether that has answered your question at all?

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    You received a much better answer here than your poorly considered question deserved. Please put some more thought into your threads.

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