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Thread: Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Fitted Briefs questions.

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    Default Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Fitted Briefs questions.

    I got few question about this.

    1. Plastic back or cloth.
    2. how much do they hold and odor control
    3. what kind tape system on them do this have exra blue tape
    4. How thick are this if you was to wear them

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    1. The x-plus series is plastic the air plus series is cloth backed I recommend the plastic backed variety
    2. The plus series is very absorbent 2-3 decent wettings.
    3. They have the 2 tape system you attach the blue tape to the diaper and the white tape is on the blue tape if you need to readjust you can detach the white tape from the blue and use it directly on the diaper.
    4. They are one of the thicker diapers out there you will know you have one on

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    have a look at my profile i have a few pictures that may answer your questions they are (plastic) variety.


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