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Thread: A newborn AB

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    Default A newborn AB

    Just thought I would share my excitement with everyone on this. I recently introduced my Girlfriend to Diapers and being babied. After some trials and errors she LOVES IT!

    So I would like to let everyone know that there is a such thing as successfully introducing your significant other to AB and being well received.

    I would like to introduce the world to a newborn bABy Katie-cat. I am trying to get her to set up an account here but she is still really shy. If this post is well received maybe when I show it to her she will join up.

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    cool, i am glad that you have someone like that. she will be well recieved on here. I hope you two have alot of fun.

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    Great! That seems like the most sucessful coming-out ever! Good for you!

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    Sounds awesome, give her a nice welcome from us all.^^

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    Welcome Katie !
    I don't bite, I lurk
    *troll troll troll*

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    Congratulations! I am pleased for you both and hope it all keeps working out for you both

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    Congrats on your new baby girl!! Hope you both say young (and well diapered) for many years!

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    Congrats on your new baby! Cool that introducing it to someone new is possible

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