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    Default MAM 16+ pacifier

    Does anyone know where I can order a MAM 16+ pacifier? I enjoy the MAM 6+ but I've heard there is another size up, which would definitely be preferable.

    I've tried looking online but can only find them at and they don't ship to the US.

    Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated :3

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    I am awaiting the reply of babyjess, she would know loads more about them than most people on the site.

    I would probably try searching through ebay-like sites, should be able to find most, if not anything you want through them.

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    Hehe, I have arrived!

    I have a few Mam 16+ pacifiers. The bad news is, they are only available in Germany, Austria and possibly a few of their surrounding countries. I have a few of these, and I have bought them from a few different sources.

    You can buy them from, although sometimes you can get to the checkout only to find out that they don't ship to your oversees address. But there are several options available so if you try them all you may be in luck. The German word for pacifier is 'schnuller,' and that is the word you will usually need to use to find them. On amazon I usually type in 'Mam schnuller 16+' and a list of results comes up: mam schnuller 16+: Baby

    Another good place to buy from is probably ebay - a search for 'schnuller 16' usually brings up some results if you tick the 'worldwide' box for search results. Some of the results are the 6-16 pacifiers though, so be sure to click on the 16+ ones.

    Here are a couple of results I found:
    Latex - MAM 2x Schnuller Sauger NIGHT Latex 16+ M. Farbauswahl Orange | eBay
    Silicone - MAM 2x Schnuller Sauger NIGHT Latex 16+ M. Farbauswahl Orange | eBay

    Unfortunately neither of those sellers state that they deliver to the US (I am in the UK and so it is perhaps easier to get them from Germany), however, my experiences on ebay tell me that quite often if you contact a seller about the possibility of shipping to another country many are able to offer international shipping.

    With enough searching you can hopefully find a store that will ship to the US - a google search for 'mam schnuller 16+' will bring up more results for other German online stores. If you do decide to buy one though, expect to pay a lot. A pack of 2 pacifiers alone will cost $7, and you then have to factor in shipping. I usually pay around 10 ($17) for a pack of 2, including shipping. Shipping to the US is likely to be more - expect to pay $20-$25 for two pacifiers. If you buy more shipping may work out cheaper.

    I love pacifiers, and I also collect them. Because I collect them, and order pacifiers from all over the world, I don't mind paying a lot for one pacifier, especially if it is a kind I don't have or which isn't available in the UK. However, if I didn't collect them then I don't know if the pacifier would really be worth that much more to me. They are definitely bigger, but whilst if you switch between a 6+ and a 16+ pacifier the difference is noticeable, it is still not huge. I posted a picture in my pacifier article of a 6+ and 16+ pacifier next to each other which I've re-posted here for comparison:

    As you can see, there is a difference, but it is not massively bigger. I can't really say whether it is, or isn't, worth the cost - for me it is, but if you are not a pacifier enthusiast then I can't say for sure that the difference in size would be noticeable enough to justify the high cost.

    Good luck with finding someone that ships to the US anyway, if you want more help or advice in your search then just let me know and I will try to help

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    Babyjess, thank you so much so your advice. I will get started on the search and hopefully will find one. For me I think it would be worth the cost because I started using pacis as the AB role...but quickly found them to be remarkably soothing and comforting and now sleep with one every night. I have tried a number of different pacis and am very partial to the MAM brand and find myself using those more than I use my NUK 5. And I love the cool designs, just bought a pack of glow-in-the-dark MAM 6+ at Buy Buy Baby...anyway, thanks again!

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