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Thread: Changing Positions

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    Question Changing Positions

    So I got around to thinking this morning about the best ways to change a diaper. For those of us that change ourselves (I assume that is most of us), do you do it standing up (holding the diaper up against a wall as you go to fasten it) or laying down? Do you have any methods for fastening the tapes a certain way?

    I don't think it matters if you are incontinent or just like to wear. What method works best for you?

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    laying down of course, one advantage is that, well, once your finished you can fall straight to sleep, other than that when standing up, gravity makes things dfficult.

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    I lay down and diaper up. I just find that it's easier.

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    I say standing up, but it depend by what kind of diaper is. If is a pull-up is easier while standing up, and since I use this Kind I find standing up the best position.

    Also, when I tried adult diapers I used to change them standing up.

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    I prefer to change in a combination style. I begin by laying the diaper out open on a flat surface such as a toilet lid, bed, or chair. I then sit down on the diaper and fasten the first tape on one side. With that done I then stand up and finish with the rest of the tapes. It's always worked well for me... and it's pretty fast.

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    I prefer diapering up lying down, but I need a hard surface. A bed won't do because I never seem to get a snug fit when diapering on a soft surface. So I end up doing it on the floor. However, when I'm in a hurry, in public, or in a confined space, I have to do it standing up. I've gotten used to it from all the times I've put on a diaper in a (small) train bathroom.


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    Even since Darkfinn posted that guide on doing it, I've done it that way. It really is the best method I've come across.

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    Like Peachy said, I've done it in public standing up like at the movies or something. But other than that I sit down. Makes it easier to get a pretty good amount of powder on the diaper.

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    Its laying down for me too. Except when putting on one of my cloth pull on diapers. And I normally stand when putting on my plastic pants too.

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    i use darkfinn's method, although i never read the guide. reading time!

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