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Thread: You have GOTTA SEE THIS!!!!!

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    I've seen somthing similar. its a rare aging disorder. I think they will still age on a cell level however.

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    It's sad to see that although she's living a kid's life, she has seizures and strokes.

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    Imagine if she were to suddenly begin growing again and you would have a 21 year old who was the physical equivilent of 10? year old.

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    I personally think that would suck and that's about it.

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    Being like that one wouldn't even know what is going on except for the simple things in life.. I think i'd stick with my life, sure it be fun being young forever but there's so much I'd miss out on if I wasn't older ^_^

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    I remember her, she was on a special on discovery health, way back when.

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    Wow, that is interesting on an intellectual/ scientific level but also sad.

    I think it would be interesting to follow her life year by year or every few years to see if she does age in any way and/or see what changes. I'm thinking if she doesn't change in any way over the years and doesn't have any complications then it is plausible that she could die at the average age of other humans as a baby girl.

    Her condition could even help us unlock scientific mysteries regarding aging.

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