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    Default Edward Reid Nursery Rhymes

    Truthfully, I was struggling to work out where to put this.

    It could have gone in mature topics, and I could have made it into some sort of social commentary about not judging, the acceptability of childish things in modern society etc etc.

    It could have gone in AB or TB fora, where we talked about modern versions of nursery rhymes, and about how it's interesting he chose to do such childish songs.

    But I put it here, so just enjoy it:

    Edward Reid sings nursery rhymes on Britains Got Talent

    But do feel free to comment on my other potential topics too

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    Ooh, what a good thing to share! I absolutely love this! He is definitely my favourite contestant so far on BGT! I got all excited when he started his performance - it took me by surprise and was really entertaining and so clever! I hadn't seen anybody put a twist on nursery rhymes like this before. And what a lovely guy he seems to be too

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    Nursery rhymes sang to the tune of Snow Patrol... Interesting...

    I think this clip nicely highlights how fake emotive singing can be, especially on reality shows like this and X-factor.
    This is why I really dislike it when these singers sing decent songs, like the X-factor winner who sang 'Hallelujah', or Susan Boyle singing Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day'. They put on these emotive voices, but as far as they're concerned, they could just be singing nursery rhymes.

    Perhaps the audience liked it because of this... the way he sings is so inappropriate for what he's singing?

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