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    I am a friendly but shy furry. I am a college grad and an electrical engineer.
    I am here due to my furry side being a DL and because of my curiosity about others into this. Besides furry stuff, I like woodworking, tabletop rpg's and rc cars. I mostly lurk as I am not the best at typing for one thing, plus I am a bit of a people watcher too. So, I like to watch others enjoy their hobbies, interact with each other and live life etc. I do de-lurk on occasion for the right people, but it is rare.

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    Welcom to adisc. Hope you are going to like it here.

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    Great intro, well done

    My grandfather was a woodwork teacher back in his day. Even when he retired he made some awesome things. He made my mother a rocking horse for her Christmas when she was small, and to this day he still sits in our front room, I played on him, and one day my children will play on him too. His name is Sticky, since my grandfather put on his final coat of paint on Christmas Eve once my mother and her siblings were asleep, so he was still sticky the next morning so couldn't be played on.

    My brother was going through some of my grandparents old stuff, and found a bracelet made out of cubes of wood with the letters of my name burned onto the cubes, just last week. I was quite young when my grandfather died, so it's nice to have something now to remember him by which he made for me.

    What sort of woodworking do you do?

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