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Thread: A Fun Idea For The Adisc Community

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    Lightbulb A Fun Idea For The Adisc Community

    I had an idea today that I thought would be fun for the community. Like how we have an annual ADISC member awards and how we vote for people in certain categories...

    Well I think we should do the same thing for diapers. The ADISC Diaper Awards! We can have vote in certain categories such as Best Diaper Overall, Worst Diaper, Cutest Diaper, Ugliest Diaper, Best Store Brand Diaper, Most Absorbant Diaper, Best Diaper For The Buck and Most Overpriced Diaper to name a few. We can have nominations and then the voting period itself. I'm sure we can come up with some other interesting categories. (vendor, cloth brand, plastic pants?) I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts and ideas about this. Sound Fun? I'd love to host it but I only have crappy cellphone internet and nothing to collect votes with.

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    Doesn't seem like there are enough new kinds being made every year for this to really be plausible. Like, it would work as a poll, once, but annually? I dunno, man.

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    there is a general idea of which diapers are good and bad already. Plus do we honestly need MORE diaper related talk on adisc?

    Adisc come for the diaper related talk. Stay for arguing points of view on social, poetical, philosophical issues. (as well as for the rate the song topic)

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    My biggest issue with this would be that everyone has different needs and preferences. There's also more to it than simple absorbency/noise/bulk/looks... How would all-in-one disposables be compared to pull-ups, and where do cloth diapers fit into it? If cloth is allowed in the voting, would you have cloth as one category or would you separate between terry-squares, pre-folds, training pants, all-in-one cloth etc etc... It would be like asking everyone what their favourite fruit is and then holding a vote on which is best, whilst you may get some results, it wont tell you anything about the fruits themselves as they're all different!

    Everyone likes different things. If they're new to the diaper game, there's the review sections... If they're a seasoned pro diaper wearer, they now what they like and wont be too fussed about this award.

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    I think it's a cute idea, maybe it should be something we do after the summer. That would be about halfway through the year after the member awards.

    For the first year we'd have to have people nominate/vote on categories as well, though.

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    I had the same concerns when I thought about it. The problem with annual is there isn't gonna be a new diaper produced every year, BUT, they are often redesigned, some for better, some for the worse. Also a lot of people come and go from here. Some companies may act from what they read and might actually improve rather than making it more profitable. We are more critical and precise than the people who actually need them. Also I think disposable is gonna have the most categories just because of popularity. I'd also like to encourage voting for Best and worst vendors. I know theres also gonna be location issues, diapers not available everywhere like Tena and Lillie. Something can be worked out. The idea just has to be thought out.

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    sounds fun (and helpful), but it'll be way too problematic with all the varieties, the local variations on varieties, people personal needs (as mentioned), local brands which aren't available beyond that locality and, finally (hopefully) the many brands which are re-branded by local distributors.

    a full list of available products would massive and many of the decent products would only be done a dis-service under a voting scheme.

    but, if you find a way around those problems, i'm game. and if you do, you may also want to consider customer service [by the manufacturer/seller] within the scheme as that is one of the biggest bugbears when buying.

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