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Thread: Let me tell you about my trip.

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    Default Let me tell you about my trip.

    So over the weekend I decided I was over my purge cycle and that I needed some proper diapers to wear.

    This is of course difficult because I still live with my family and I've been caught before lol. (funny now, not then)

    So I was driving to CVS and finally got up the courage to go in and I'm still about 50/50 on whether or not I'll buy the diapers (depends maximum protection) so I go to the incontinence aisle which is shared with the aspirin aisle. I look and find the pack I need and then see that there are only two customers in the store and neither is close to the checkout.

    Now this was the tough part because I had decided to go for it but the only employee working was a wonderfully beautiful woman about my age. She saw me walking up and smiled and then saw what I was carrying and gave me that wtf look. But she was a professional about it and she could tell how embarrassed I was. So she rings them up and says, "would you like a great big bag for these?" and I say sure, so she hurries up and bags them and gives me a very supportive glance as she handed me the bag and said, "you have a nice night."

    I said you too and I was on my way, now the diapers are successfully in the house and one has been applied to my body!

    I have to say it's good to be back!

    Thanks for reading!

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    lol when I bought diapers the guy couldn't find the barcode. At least she was professional.

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    I applaud you kids who go out and buy diapers in public. Not something I could ever do.

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    Good job! I hope it wasn't to embarrassing for you. After buying more often you get cool with it. The part you wrote“she gave me the WTF look“made me laugh. Now enjoy your diapers!

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