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    Hello fellow ADISC users! I would just like to introduce myself. I am college sophomore about to begin a summer internship. I would describe myself as the nice girl in the group that always seems to have those silly moments. My interests in are in diapers, not much into regression. I enjoy pullups,good nites, and on occasion attends. I like wearing them to bed and wetting them. I'm a scientist at heart, I love biology and enjoy participating in research experiments. I really love answering questions that no one else knows the answer to. I also love hanging out with my friends, smoking hookah ( with maybe a little more than tobacco inside . I love movies, science fiction of course and dramas. I also loved lord of the ring novels and Narnia series. That about sums up me...I can't wait to become an active member in such an open minded community such as this.

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    Welcome! ^_^ Hope you don't find it to hard to move around the site.

    To introduce myself... (Warning this is long!) Hi! Hehehe ^_^ ok seriously now. My name is Cascade, you can call me Cas, I am a combination of a few things. Basically I just call myself a Cubfurry. It covers most of it. I am a furry dl who isn't into hard core regression, but I still like to be able to Rp like a kid occasionally.

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    Hello there, welcome to da site! Shouldn't be too hard to be an active member, just find a topic that is interesting and jump on in, or create a topic that you find interesting instead :P.

    As for movies, you mention you enjoy sci-fi and dramas. Since it seems most of the 2011 nominees had to do with either, do you have any opinion on what should of won the Oscar (obscure random question )? As for the less random and obscure, what are some of your favorite movies so far?

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