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    So about this time every year KC releases a new print or design change for Goodnites. If you worked in their R&D department what changes would you make? And don't say make them bigger because we all know that's not going to happen!

    I would continue to make the cool designs/graphics that appeal to older kids but maybe make them more age related. I would also add graphics from cartoons or movies to make them more appealing. I would add a wetness indicator too. Also I would create a rewards system like Pampers or Pepsi where kids can collect points and redeem them for toys. This will help make the kid want to wear them. Lastly I would make them more absorbent for heavier wetters.

    Remember you work in R&D.

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    hmm i agree for the most part i havnt put much thought itno it yet ill post back a bit later with my choice but def make then a bit more absorbent. and i dont just mean for us my nephew allways has a problem with them leaking to and hes 8

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    more absorbant, but i wouldnt put a wettness indicater, these are ment to be descrete and that would kinda defeat the purpose

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    Definitely thicker. I miss the days when they first came out: fluffy and a goofy, red faux tag in the back. My first experience with wearing diapers...again.

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    I hope it's not true, but Goodnites seem to be becoming less interested in it's customers. (kids/teens) over the past couple years.

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