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Thread: I've read stories, and it made me wonder...

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    Default I've read stories, and it made me wonder...

    I've read some fan made AB stories about forced regression and people being abducted and forced against their own will to become adult babies, obviously they're fake, but it kinda made me wonder, could something like that actually happen?

    As in, for example, I'm kidnapped by some people and forced to become an adult baby, to the point where they damage me physically or psychologically (Like keeping me drugged, disabling part of my mobility, etc.)

    Could that happen? Have there been any situations like those on the media?

    If it happened to you, how would you feel? Would you allow it or try to escape?
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    The chances of this actually happening are astronomically low, from what I've seen in 19 years of life. And I would most definitively try to escape, since the kind of people that would kidnap me to (essentially) rape me are most likely the same kind of people that wouldn't mind killing me...

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    I'm going to assume something like this has happened before in this world but it's not something you will probably hear about because it has probably happened so few times.

    But I do know in the show Dexter on Showtime on season 4 the "trinity killer" does something like this, the end result is not pretty just like Near said. Luckily Dexter saves the kid. Of course this is a fictional series luckily.

    The idea of this happening to me as long as I was safe kinda excites me. lol

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    II wouldn't worry too much over being abducted by people who want to inflict the fantasies of other ab/dl's on them. Kidnapped people are given a hole in the basement floor, or something; most kidnapped people are held for ransom I would guess; if they are victims of someone's fetish they are brought up in that kind of captivity, no? Your scenario requires supervision, constant interplay, all sorts of things kidnappers don't have time for; and the full ab routine would be easy to resist. Are there people who fantasize about this? Without doubt.

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    I'd rather not imagine that course of events.

    Stockholm syndrome is very real.

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    Wow, sorry thats all i got, good thread just i dont know what to say

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