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Thread: Is NOBODY on this whole website into cosplay?

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    Default Is NOBODY on this whole website into cosplay?

    Tried to start a thread a month ago. Mfw it dies as soon as some guy says I should cosplay a diapered poke'mon: >:|
    Seriously guys this is off topic board. I want to talk about cosplay, and not about diapered bird poke'mon and how much cooler it would be if I cosplayed that instead of Victreebel. Specifically what are your cosplays, what cons are your favorite, what cons have you been to, cosplay stories, best cosplays, worst cosplays etc. Let's get this started. btw I went to Sakuracon this last weekend. 2nd con. Cosplayed as Victrebell from Poke'mon. Good stuff, lots of stories if anyone is interested.

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    I like to cosplay at cons. I have several that I put together. My favorite costume that I have is Kyouya from Ouran High School Host Club. My most recent is the Undertaker from Black Butler. I also have a fursuit. My plans for the future are to be Yosuke from Persona 4 and the pokemon Growlithe.

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    I'm not really into cosplay, but I can't say I'm not into it either.
    I have been to one anime convention. I went to Tekkoshocon a few years ago.

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    I am sort of into cosplay, and favor western fantasy more than anything else.

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    hehehehe I like cosplay alot. If ever got my hands on a cosplay costume that I like, I'd do it.

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    three of my friends are and i have a fursuit (its like cosplaying)

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    Im an avid cosplayer at Anime North. I went as Gaara one year. and I went as a giant plush companion cube anohter year.

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