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Thread: Which diaper??

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    Question Which diaper??

    Hi everyone!

    I want to buy some new diapers but the ones I have at the moment get all clumpy and the gel bunches up when it gets wet and then if i wet anymore, it just goes straight to the plastic and starts to leak

    so I'm looking on dorset nursing supplies at some diapers and i like the look of the abri-form extras, the tena slip supers and the tena flex supers (but i'm not sure about these because they seem to have a belt where you attach the pad at the front). if you guys could give me some help, i'd be very grateful

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    Currently I have a pack of Tena Slip Super and I thought its a "premium" diaper but its not really.After one wetting its tends to get clumpy.I didn't tried many diapers but i think there are too much padding between your legs and in the front there are not enough of them.But I have never experienced leaking and the tapes can be refastened multiple times.Overall it's a good diaper but I think the Abena would be a bettter choice

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    First of all, welcome to ADISC! You should probably post an introduction first, however, so that we can get to know you.

    What are you wearing at the moment that you have such problems with? I can't speak for Tena, but the Abri-Form X-plus are among the best nappies on the market - certainly the best available in the UK, IMHO.

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    Try the Age Uk website for their sampler... 2.49 and you get four different diapers. In my pack I had a tena slip, tena flex, lille classic and lille supreme fit. It'll give you a good idea of which ones you like the feel of. Personally I was blown away by the lille supreme fit... The fit, the feel of the woven outer, the capcity etc etc... I loved it so much that I've ordered a case of 80 supreme fit maxi's. Before the sampler I was ready to buy tena slips, but after trying them, they just weren't for me.

    I'm not sure on what the protocol is on this site for linking to others so googling "age uk disposable sample pack" should bring it up as the top result (I did try it first!). The delivery only took a couple of days too!

    Here's the link, however, if this is against the rules, please delete it mods and accept my apologies!

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    Thanks guys, i'll write an introduction in the morning cause i'm a bit sleepy now. I think my current diapers are actually x-pluses but i'd need to check to be sure. And reedwizard, what us the packaging like on those samples? Is it obvious what is is when its delivered and can it be posted through the letterbox or does it have to be signed for or can it be left somewhere plz?

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    What i suppose i'm looking for really is a very absorbant pull-up coz the depends i've had in the past dont really clump together and are quite discreet for public wetting

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    most diapers clump when wet, not much you can do about that. the more active you are, the more they will clump. so like overnight it's not usually a problem, but during the day walking around, SITTING etc, it will clump more.

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    huggies pull ups is my favorite out of underjams goodnites and pull ups. i like baby diapers more than adult diapers. it just more fun :P

    if you can squeeze into them get them

    or get underjams. they used to offer a free sample but they no longer do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arsenal View Post
    reedwizard, what us the packaging like on those samples? Is it obvious what is is when its delivered and can it be posted through the letterbox or does it have to be signed for or can it be left somewhere plz?
    I'm fairly certain that the packaging was discreet, although I don't pay too much attention to such things as I don't have to hide my nappies from anyone. The FAQs section on their website states they always ship discretely, might be worth putting something in the notes section when you order.... I definitely know I didn't have to sign for it as it was posted through my letter box.

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