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Thread: Making my intoduction

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    Default Making my intoduction

    Hello I new and been a DL for long time. I also feel more AB because it helps with stress. I mainly wear baby diapers and Goodnites. I never tried adult ones yet but weighing 119 i probley to small for them anyways.

    My other intrest is Nascar and Carl Edwards is my driver. Storms and I do want to chase them. Paranormal research as well

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    Hi, welcome to the site!

    Are you interested in research the paranormal to prove, or disprove it? And have you had any storm chasing experience, or just interested in trying it?

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    I want believe in the paranormal i do have some proof and some experiences that i wish i had my camera rolling when i got bottles thrown at me while sleeping. As for storm chasing I went on my first chase last week and getting prepared to do some more in the next couple days if the weather is perfect

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    Wow, that would be awesome if you could get filmed proof then! I'm generally sceptical, but I do believe in an afterlife etc - for example, I don't really believe in ouija boards, but you'll never get me to use one...

    Do you chase in your own vehicle? Or is it a group of people who go chasing?

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    I chase with my dad when he is home and will use my own car this comming week if storm get to be severe

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    Sounds cool! Best of luck with it all!

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