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Thread: Unique Avatars

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    Default Unique Avatars

    I've noticed that there are a lot of people that have really unique/interesting avatar pictures. So I was wondering, is anyone willing to share why they chose the avatar they did? Where did the idea come from? How does it represent you?

    I'll go first. My avatar is part of a larger piece I did in photoshop featuring wolf personae of my BF and me. I started with some line art I found on deviantart and went from there, customizing it to match 'us'. It seemed like a good way to represent ourselves here on ADISC, nothing too serious, but still meaningful.

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    I'm just a big fan of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and the episode where Bloo becomes Uniscorn in particular.

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    I was trying to find an avatar shortly after I joined this site when I was reminded of that pokemon movie and it seemed like it fit my childhood perfectly.

    The expression on mew's face also felt just right for my *B side.

    A friend from this site sent me the picture of mew diapered and I happily honored his request and switched it in for the non diapered version.

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    My avatar, for one thing, is AWESOME. I chose it because the guy in the pic is Natsu from Fairy Tail, AKA, my username. In this scene, he's punching Gray, his friend, since he was thinking of sacrificing himself in order to defeat the monster that defeated his master when he was a child. I like this scene because it really shows how rash Natsu can be sometimes.

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    My avatar is Ingus from Final Fantasy III DS. I wanted a cute character with a variety of appearances that I could rotate every so often to stop my avatar getting too old. Ingus has about 20 or so different classes with different appearances, so really suited well.

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    With mine it is mostly because a black panther (my furry character I guess) doesn't fit with my name, thus decided recently to find a picture of a coyote to put up. Then, due to boredom, wanted to mess around with it in GIMP and see what the picture could be turned into, and this is the final result.

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    I just found mine looking for Rainbow Dash pics for my screensaver. I had the idea after becoming a brony.

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    Since I'm dogboy, identify with dogs, and write about Native American animal spirits, I wanted something that represented who I am. I found the image in photobucket, so nothing magical there. When I was in college, I identified with wolves, and I still do. Somehow, I feel part of the pack.

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    Wikipedia: Atlanta Thrashers

    And, I just think the lightning effect looks cool. (Thankfully, nobody has noticed the irony yet!)

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