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Thread: Whats your pick for a summer diaper?

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    Default Whats your pick for a summer diaper?

    Well, its approaching summertime and that means its time to find another diaper! This winter I have been switching between Dry 24/7's and Abena M3/M4's. I find now that its warming up a bit I sweat an ungodly amount in anything that has a plastic covering.
    What has everyone else found comfortable in summers past? How are some of the premium diapers with cloth covers? And as always, which are on the more discrete end of the spectrum.

    Hopefully I can find something this year, unlike last year I don't get to have my nice cushy internship at SSA, thanks stupid budget .

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    during the summer i will still wear an abena m3 or 4 at night but shed the extra plastic pants in favor of a absorbent pad on the bed. if i need to wear during the day i will just put on a pull up like the depends underwear for men and add a booster if i know i wont be able to change quick or be near a bathroom. if pull ups aren't absorbent enough for you abena makes a cloth type diaper that is designed to allow more air flow, just be sure to change it before it reaches full capacity as they can leak if too full and you sit down.

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    I just went ahead and ordered samples of the abena cloth backed ones as well as molicare super air active and super plus. Hopefully one of those does the trick!

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    For me, I'm cloth and plastic pants, so I tend to wear less when summer comes. At least the house has central air, and that helps, especially when you live in Virginia.

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    My summer diapers are the same as my winter diapers as are my fall and spring diapers. If I want to wear, I just deal, and honestly, the heat and diapers don't bother me too much unless I'm playing DDR or something really physical.

    I've never seen Mr. X, who's 24/7, switch for a summer diaper either. Honestly, I think the heat is something you get used to pretty quick. At least I have no issues for it.

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    I personally don't change for the seasons. For me the cloth backed diapers causes me rashes and doesn't control odor as well. I guess the one thing that helps me is that I don't sweat that much when I am working outside so the plastic backed diapers isn't a problem.

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    I haven't usually switched, its just that the heat just seems to be getting to me more so than it used to... that and I'm also more active than usual. I guess that's the worst of my problem, i usually start sweating at the drop of a hat. Hopefully the cloth backed diapers don't end up causing a rash.. that wouldn't be good. I guess I will have to see! Last year i just kept with my Abena's so who knows.. might just have to keep the same thing going.

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    I can't stand the cloth-backed ones, they stretch more, leak easier and I barely notice enough difference to justify the extra problems. Are you having more problems with rash, odor, sweating inside or the plastic rubbing your crotch/legs? This is really a better question to help with a solution.

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    Not so much odor and rash, but the sweating is very much uncomfortable at its best. I wish I could use baby powder but I always get crazy itchy from it.

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    I had to read back up - you sweat easily all over then not just inside the diaper? Powder makes you itch really bad? Have you tried other powders? *Gold Bond Medicated (the green one) really gives a 'cool feeling' inside* Are you using creams and powder or just powder? Can you wear thinner diapers from your type of IC (and just change more often?) Do you shave down there? *I have much less problems with odor and legband leakage hairfree but I haven't tried noticing a heat difference* Have the cloth ones you ordered helped yet?

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