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    I know you guys probley get this alot but, what In thhe world is a furry and a baby fur and little fur? And what's the difference of them all

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    Its hard to explain, just start reading some of the stuff in here, and probably for a better idea look at, thats about the only way to really understand. The stuff that you find on sites like wikipedia are just "dictionary definitions" and wont be much help.

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    A furry, simply put, is simply a person who has an affinity for fiction/art involving anthropomorphic animals; exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes. Quite often a furry will imagine themselves in the role of such a creature, and may even dress that way. Littlefurs/Babyfurs are simply furrys who identify with younger forms of anthropomorphic animals - a Babyfur is simply the furry equivalent of an AB/DL.
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    Furries are those who are fans of anthropomorphic animals (like Bugs Bunny or Sonic the Hedgehog). A babyfur is someone who enjoys acting like a furry baby (also known as a "cub"). A littlefur would be someone who enjoys acting like a furry who's probably around the age of 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akastus View Post
    a Babyfur is simply the furry equivalent of an AB/DL.
    That is not necessarily accurate, because there are BF's and DF's who aren't *B/DL, there are also furries that are *B/DL and aren't BF's or DF's.
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