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    I am late posting an introduction, my apologies.

    I have been a DL for many years and came to this site to share experiences and thoughts about this interest.

    I will spare you all the details of my age, location, etc. except to say that I am a married middle-aged male with a very understanding spouse.

    My other interests include photography, music (playing and listening), reading anything and everything I can.

    I will cut this short now, and hopefully contribute more as I am allowed better access to your site.

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    Hi welcome to the forums, what sorta music are you into?
    I like:
    - Screamo
    - Metal
    - Heavy Metal
    - Rap (not that pussy mainstream crap about money and cars)
    - Dance
    - Electronic(a)
    - Rock
    - Punk Rock
    - Indie
    - Indie rock
    - Hip-Hop
    - R&B
    - Alternative
    - Brit Pop
    - House

    Also what instruments do you play?
    I don't play any but my mum says I have a pianist's hands, to be honest I just don't have the patience to learn.

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    Hello, oraldoctor, and welcome. You screen suggests that you work with teeth as a profession. Am I correct?

    Anyhow, is there anything in specific that you like to read? I personally prefer graphic novels (Akira, Bone, other good stuff) and HP Lovecraft stories.

    I hope you enjoy the site, member-who's-title-formally-was-"lurker"

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    Welcome! I too am curious what sorts of stuff you like to read. I used to be a big fan of fantasy, and I still enjoy the genre. Sadly, though, I no longer have the concentration ability to read long-form stuff. These days, I read a lot of news articles, urban planning and design stuff, and political commentaries.

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    Welcome oraldoctor! What kind of photography are you into? I've always enjoyed nature photography, although I'm still rather a neophyte. But I've always enjoyed nighttime photography and tree skeletons.

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