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Thread: The Stereotyping of ABs: A bit of a thought on it...

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    Default The Stereotyping of ABs: A bit of a thought on it...

    Lately, I've been thinking about the stereotyping of adult babies and how most cases, we're seen as fat, lonely and pathetic. And there is the sissy baby stereotype as well. Well, I'd love to try to debunk those stereotypes. First off, about me and the stereotype

    1: I can't stand kid shows or kid movies however there are occasional exceptions such as SpongeBob and stuff from when I was a kid. I'd rather watch CNN and ESPNews than Cartoon Network or Disney. Not my cup of tea: The Stereotype- ABs love kiddie shows and movies
    2: I'm not lonely and I spend a lot of time with friends when I can: The Stereotype- All ABs are lonely and spend time wearing and using diapers and alone
    3: I'm not a sissy baby: The Stereotype- All AB males are sissies and like being baby girls
    4: I read Tom Clancy, John Grisham, George Orwell, Isacc Asimov, Clarke, Star Trek novels and other sci-fi. I'm well-read in theory and analysis: The Stereotype- ABs are not into adult novels and would rather read Curious George
    5: I like beer, sports, and vulgar comedies: The Stereotype- ABs don't like alcoholic drink or vulgarity
    6: I like violent video games and sports games: The Stereotype- ABs don't play video games
    7: I'm not a fat lonely loser; In fact I've lost a lot of weight in two years: The Stereotype- All AB males are fat and lonely pathetic people.

    I've often wondered what other stereotypes are out there. I know that there are some and I'd love to try to debunk some of them. I've just had this on my mind lately and I think that's why I don't fit in well in a lot of AB forums because I don't feel like I'm the stereotype AB.

    Would love to see what other ABs think of this.


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    Funny; I've never heard of 4, 5, or 6. I mean... who doesn't like video games or fart jokes? (Besides pretentious men from California who wear your grandma's drapes. Pftttttt.)

    You should see what it's like on the other side. I feel everyone expects caretakers to be crazy, older doms who treat every person they meet like a baby. Or they think of us being from the 50's and being prim and proper. I mean... I like beer and sex jokes and I certainly don't treat every man like a baby even though most of them act like 10 year olds. Heck, I'll go as far as to say that seeing couples baby-talk in public makes me gag. Ever seen a really hot older guy being called 'Crispy Crunch' by his generic human female wife? It's disturbing. Very.

    I don't feel like I fit in either because of the stereotypes, but I can assure you that very few people would actually read Curious George over 1984. It's all usually played for laughs or overdone by people who believe the media.

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    I also hate AB stereotypes. I feel like for most of us, those stereotypes don't match. The way to rule out alot of those stereotypes is to show a "normal" AB on TV, where people could see that not all ABs wear diapers 24/7, and want to be babies all the time and are not obese.

    The problem is that "normal" ABs don't want to be on TV, showing their AB side. It's the ones who have no other life, friends or family, and their baby lifestyle is the only lifestyle they have. They don't mind being on TV, since nobody knows them, and they don't have to be ashamed of it.

    The public has come up with those stereotypes by seeing the obese ABs on TV, and seeing them taking th AB lifestyle to the extreme. Nobody will bother to find more information on the subject, and think that all ABs are like the ones on TV.

    I hope that one day, the public will know the truth, but there isn't alot we can do right now to make the situation better.

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    We all are different. IŽlove my paci(s,) diaper assitance (not have an asistant now,) breastfeeding, but also BDSM. And IŽm gamer, especialy counter-strike is my passion. Hard&heavy music too. And what I read ? Facts, police or historic novels etc.

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    I've never heard of 4, 5, or 6 either.

    In the end, though, you should just be completely yourself. Some of these things fit me. As a male-to-female transsexual, I would consider myself a sissy AB and that's why I present myself as that. I'm not trying to just be a stereotype, I'm trying to be myself. I watch little girl shows, like Strawberry Shortcake.. but I also am a huge addict for things like Seinfeld, Frasier, and The X-Files! I don't look at a TV show as one for kids or one for adults. I just like to see if I like it.

    I think that in the end, sometimes AB's can try too hard to seem childish. Just as much though, I think sometimes some people try too hard to not be a stereotype. I think you should just do whatever makes you happy, and phooie on stereotypes and naughty things like that.

    Edit: I'm seriously tired of fat and loser being in the same sentence as if gaining weight suddenly makes you repulsive. Doesn't help people who are conscious about their weight feel any better about themselves, and it's what's on the inside that counts.

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    Yeah, don't know where you got 4, 5 and 6 either. Especially 6 as most people play video games especially younger tech savvy individuals. Video games take up much more of my time than AB related activities.

    As for the rest, I am by no means a sissy. I spend relatively little time padded. And I'm a lonely loser only to the extent that all introverted nerds are, which I would say is not much.

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    My thoughts on these stereotypes

    1: The Stereotype- ABs love kiddie shows and movies
    There are some kids shows that I find amusing and some kids movies from my childhood that I still love. I am not remotely familiar with modern cartoons and what I have seen greatly disappoints me. I find dora amusing at times because of the mechanics of a kids show, but I'd take classic Sunday morning cartoons from the 90's any-day over that stuff.

    2: The Stereotype- All ABs are lonely and spend time wearing and using diapers and alone
    While I don't typically wear with a lot of friends around I do spend a great deal of time with my friends doing "normal" things.

    3: The Stereotype- All AB males are sissies and like being baby girls
    Not a sissy, I have considered trying girls goodnites if I ever get them against but thats the extent of that.

    4: The Stereotype- ABs are not into adult novels and would rather read Curious George
    I enjoy a good novel or book when I can find the time to read it. I can't really get into a mindset where reading kids books is fun unless I am reading them to a little kid. And that isn't really my *B side at all.

    5: The Stereotype- ABs don't like alcoholic drink or vulgarity
    I don't drink and I prefer to keep swearing to a minimum just because it annoys me to hear people who swear every third word and stuff like that.

    6: The Stereotype- ABs don't play video games
    I am an avid gamer and all the games I frequently play I am at least on a moderately competitive skill level.

    7: The Stereotype- All AB males are fat and lonely pathetic people.
    I weigh 160 and I have a lot of friends. I enjoy hanging out and having a good time but avoid activities that I deem less fun.

    I'm seriously tired of fat and loser being in the same sentence as if gaining weight suddenly makes you repulsive. Doesn't help people who are conscious about their weight feel any better about themselves, and it's what's on the inside that counts.
    Well the whole overweight aspect comes with its own book of stereotypes many of which are far more cruel than the ones that plague *B/DL's since we are far less common.

    However being overweight is deemed as unhealthy which is part of the reason it is frowned upon.
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    I think the stereotype idea is an interesting one, mainly because I think it is one that has mainly be invented by the community, rather than average people. The truth is, the majority of people don't have a stereotype of what your typical AB is like, because the majority of people have no idea that people like us exist. Those that do know of our existence from the few shows that have been aired probably haven't given much thought to us, certainly not to the level of detail that people within the AB/DL community have.

    I don't think that after watching Jerry Springer, Tyra Banks, Trisha, CSI or any other show which featured an AB many people will have thought, "Oh, all ABs must be sad people who don't like video games, drink or read adult novels." I think those are stereotypes which, assuming they are stereotypes at all (I have never heard them personally), have been made up by the AB/DL community or possibly an unreliable, exaggerated section of the internet designed to entertain people by flaming strange communities (eg: Something Awful, Encyclopaedia Dramatica) or individuals with intentions to troll or anger our community. After finding out people like us exist the majority of people are either going to forget about it as soon as they switch over to something else, or are going to be more hung up on the thought of how gross or perverted we are ('omg, these people use diapers by choice!?' or 'omg, these people are turned on by diapers!?') than they are on how fat/lonely/naive/stupid etc we all may be.

    I think a lot of people get too hung up on the idea that we are misrepresented or stereotyped in the wider community, when the truth is for the most part we are completely ignored. It's true that when there are shows and articles etc they don't usually show us in a great light, and focus rather highly on the diaper-aspect of things, but what would you expect them to show? For people who are not ABs the fact that we wear diapers is undoubtedly the strangest thing about us - not how fat some of us may or may not be. I agree that on shows we probably do end up coming across as a pathetic bunch of people, but I think even with the most normal and eloquent ABs in the world acting to fight that stereotype it still wouldn't change the minds of most people. To most everyday people the idea of wanting to go back to babyhood and actually act like a baby is so strange and so inconceivable that they assume that it must be because there is some kind of emptiness we are trying to fill. Why, otherwise, are we not happy keeping our feet firmly placed in adulthood like everybody else? It is probably pretty easy to conclude that the emptiness must arise because on some level we are sad, pathetic, lonely or otherwise unhappy individuals. For people who do not have an abnormal interest such as this it is probably pretty difficult to understand why we would need to spend part of our lives doing this otherwise.

    I would love it if the view of ABs was that we are just another subset of the population. I would love it if being an AB was as normal as being interested in football or playing in a band, or even if it was just seen as a geeky, but acceptable, role-play thing like historical re-enactments or D&D style games. But that is probably not going to happen, we are probably not going to get past the idea that we must be, on some level, missing something from our lives to need to regress in this way. I think it would be very difficult for the wider population to understand otherwise.

    I really think that the AB/DL community at large should worry less about what other people's stereotype of being an AB/DL is or what they perceive the reasons behind it as being. As a community we know we cater to a huge variety of people, and I think that, outside of the perceived stereotype everybody has, we don't make assumptions about our memberbase. What other people outside of the community do or don't think shouldn't matter too much.

    If anybody I know was ever to find out that I am an AB I know that they will have a whole load of questions that need answering - they may already have some misconceptions about what being an AB means, and I may have to explain things clearly to them to help them understand that some of the ideas that are portrayed about us are not all true, but even if they find this out with no prior knowledge at all chances are that, on hearing I am an AB, their mind is going to conjure up all sorts of reasoning behind that. Regardless of what people's perceptions of being an AB are, it is almost certain that in order for them to understand what being an AB means to you, you are going to have to do a lot of explaining and answer a lot of questions.

    Beyond the people who may find out I'm an AB, I don't really care what people think. If people think that all ABs are fat/lazy/stupid/male/lonely/pathetic/perverted etc then so what? I know that isn't true, anybody I ever tell will find out that isn't true, and so really the stereotypes don't really matter to me at all. If anything, the fact that people have these stereotypes about being an AB, which do not apply to me at all, will probably just make it a lot less likely that anybody will assume me to be one.

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    babyjess said _exactly_ what I was going to say (only much more elaborately and well worded).

    At best, we get lumped into the "people with really weird fetishes" group. There are entire magazines devoted to amputee porn, vegetable porn, and all manner of bizarre stuff that many of us have no preconceived opinion of either. We just become another blip on the "some people get off on really weird shit... for example" sentiment. At worst, we get lumped in with pedophiles. Most people don't think ore care much beyond that.

    People get upset any time something bad shows up in the press with any relation to diapers or diaper lovers .. thinking it's going to stain the (generally non existent) public image that the ABDL community has. Truth is, the reaction as it relates to the ABDL community from these articles/tv shows is probably long forgotten by the next page/commercial break.

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    For the most part i agree with you wildthing. Only thing is i havent heard much of 5 and 6, especially from this forum seeing the adults and younger posters.

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