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    So yeah, this is perhaps my... third introduction here? That sounds about right. It looks a lot different. And a lot different from when I first joined.

    Uhm, I don't want to give my whole life story here, but I've basically been on a quest for self-realisation, or something that like that, for the past few years. Been dealing with some crazy stuff, and this (ADISC) was one of the first things I dropped. Dunno if I'll be back for good, but I remember quite a few cool people around here, so there's that. I'm just not sure if I need it any more, really. Oh well.

    That covers the basics, pretty much. My name is Alice. I'm a transsexual (male-to-female), so there's also that. It's not too important really, but for some reason I feel compelled to put that here. I'm happy to talk with anyone about that if there's anything they'd like to know.
    I'm also a *B, in that awkward transition stage from TB to AB, all though that's really not a huge part of my life; it's more of a DL sort of thing. I guess I'm also sort of a furry, but I'm still a little lost as to what that community actually is/does (I'm thinking they're a bit confused as well). I like foxes (hence the username, actually).

    And that's about it. If there's some vital piece of information that I left out that completely ruins this introduction, let me know. Otherwise, hello everyone. Again. ^ ^

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