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Thread: Whats there a nappy doing in there?

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    Little ollie

    Default Whats there a nappy doing in there?

    The exact quote of one of my best mates as she was routing though her sisters draws looking for something, Yes there was indeed a nappy in there I think a pampers size 5. Has anything like that happened to you while you was at a fiends house.

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    Good find. Perhaps her sister is a DL? Or used to wear diapers for bedwetting or something? How old is she?

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    Little ollie


    She's in her 20s.

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    Impossible they have a baby in the house, or she babysat, or something.

    Sheer, utter blasphemy. O=

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira View Post
    Impossible they have a baby in the house, or she babysat, or something.

    Sheer, utter blasphemy. O=

    Yeah, interesting thing to find, and worth just keeping an eye out for the sake of having nothing else to do, but I wouldn't send much thought on it.

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    likely scenario, if this house was the same one the person lived in as a baby. its possible it was simply left there.. i mean once i was routing through some cupboards and, lo and behold a packet of huggies small nappies.. nearly full wasnt as much of a time gap but..

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    I wouldn't invest too much in this, like mm3 said, there are sooo many other possibilities. I guess there's only one way to find out though....

    Ask her?

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    My mother once found a diaper under some pillows on my sisters bed when they were changing the sheets (my sister was about 14 at the time) don't know why it was there, never asked, but it was very weird they way my mum and sister reacted just like blank expressions and voices, my mother asked if it had been used I think... Probably she is not ABDL that to me would make no sense with her character.

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