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    Dear readers,
    My nickname is Adidas.

    I am around 45 years old and I work in the electronics industry. I have a good relation with another guy for quite some years now. He is fully understanding and accepting me, but not anticipating into my DL stuff. For all other things we have very equal thoughts and are sparring partners for each other: We are 4 hands on one belly
    My hobby's are: Making music and listening to lots of music as well, Biking, Building model trains, lots of other things.

    You probably wondered why my nickname is Adidas. It is because I love adidas gear. The nylon stuff from Adidas I like most.
    See this as a double fetish (yup, I worked that out for myself after many years). I am a DL with an Adidas addiction on top of that.
    Once or twice per week I wear a diaper. Mostly Tena. I add a bit of protection with some shorts covered by a Suprima plastic pants. (The new 1305 model is great!) Most of the time I hide my diaper + plastic pants with a pair of Adidas nylon shorts.
    Mostly I wear my diaper during the evenings and at night. Sometimes I go out in diapers, but never to family. (I always wonder why...) In this case I hide my diaper + shorts under jeans or under a baggy pair of adidas track pants.

    The reason to post this thread is to share diaper knowledge, methods, hygiene aspects, diaper creation, diaper experiences with others. And of course to find out about quality of plastic pants, where to get things and I am always curious about fantasies.

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    Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing.
    You have some interesting hobbies. Didn't know any one was still into train building. I personally stopped train collecting when I turned 18 and have kept them all boxed up over all these years except when the kids were growing up, I would sometimes set it up around the tree.

    Looking through the community you should be able to find many different and interesting topics here that you can join in and share or even start some of your own and share your experiences.

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