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    Does anyone like bedwetting mats?

    I bought some pampers bed mats a few months back just becuase they were different than my normal routine. I love them. I then tried drynites bed mats and just recently bought some adult pads.

    I like real bedwetting as a childish related thing and this makes it possible to actualy wet the bed and not have to wash sheets (still have to wash pjs, but thats not a big deal).

    Recently I have even been taping them on like diapers. They are different than adult diapers: wider padding which is distributed all over and it is wider in the middle. It is supprizingly fun.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of the thickest and softest bed mats avaliable. I have some really cheap paper ones and some thicker wall mart brand ones, but they are not half as good as pampers or drynites bed mats. The only problem with them is that in the US those products can run $20-30+ for a seven pack, and even that is made worse by how rare they are to find at all. Are there any good bedwetting mats in the US?

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    I have found that Wal-Mart's Assurance Extra Absorbency Protective Underpads 30x36, works really good for me. They are comfortable and hold up really well and don't cost a log of money. During my last diaper purchase from NorthShore Care Supply, I ordered a pack of 10 Peach Ultra Large 36"x36" Absorbency 65oz bed pads. They are large but I haven't tested them to see if they really old that much. I still like the feel of the Assurance brand better than these new ones. I use them for leak protection and for when I need to air out.

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    I use Pampers bed mats in addition to my diapers. This is really just incase of accidents and leaks.

    My wife is really supportive of this and actually thinks it is a good idea to use them.

    I definitely would not use them as my only source of protection though.

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    I would love to try the pampers or huggies bedmats, but i have yet to find them in a store near me or on eBay that would ship to the USA. I am currently using a cloth one under my sheets

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    bedmats were probably my first ever adult dispie:
    back in the day, adult dispies offered by the NHS for older patients were of a bedmat-come-diaper design (basically, a bedmat, with a couple of tapes, which could be fitted to the patient). i stole a couple.

    i've since tried the Drynites bedmats [as diapers] and, while it brought back the memories, they're pretty rubbish at absorbtion.
    i don't like using bedmats as they're too sweaty and sticky.

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    Interesting concept. Pads as diapers. I think I'll be experimenting in the near future.

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