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Thread: Ello, all that fun stuff :D

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    Default Ello, all that fun stuff :D

    I guess it's time to say hello o.o

    Hello to all out there! It's nice to meet all of you, and better to see people of similar intrest huh? Well, it's time to ramble a bit so here I go.

    I am a quite person...but give me a keyboard and im probably the most talkative person ever o.o cept when I have sugar but thats another story. I write poetry and short stories. Real life just doesn't do it for me, ide rather make my own!

    Programming is another hobby of mine. Mostly I perfer to do my work in C++ but ive also recently experimented with LUA and i have to say it's much better I was excited to take the class for it Junior year, but they have removed it...which makes me a sad panda T.T (currently a Sophomore). Mostly I work on a WoW emulated server, making custom scripts and events, it's a huge hobby of mine!

    Speaking of hobbies, I enjoy singing probably the most. It allows me to express some pretty deep stuff, and i hope one day to start a band. It isn't fame, it isn't money, its the experience. I love Alternative and Grunge, but I also can appreciate the emotion in a (good) rap song, and don't get me started on Southern Rock, lol.

    Well...that's really all I had to say, I hope to hear from some of you

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    All of us here have an interest in common? :O

    Weak-kidding aside, welcome to the site! talking about writing, do you have any specific topics or genre you like to write about? Bit more random, but like to ask it, what brought you to the site (besides the obvious interest :P)?

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    Fantasy, Elves, know, lol. Just like to take my own unique twist on it.

    And that's an interesting question o.O I guess just for social reasons? Lol, thanks for your reply and intrest!

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    Oh yeah and just another thing im Wicca and Pagan, just a fun fact about lil ole' me.

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    Welcome to the communitie and for sharing about yourself. I can personally say that at your age, if you are already doing programming and you enjoy it, there could be a nice future for you in it. Also the two worlds of music and digital/computers are starting to merge more and more each day that your two hobbies could turn into something that may be what you do for a living.

    Keep writing, dreaming, coding, and enjoying life.

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    Thanks ^^ im sure going to try and work on all aspects. I know these days eeevveerrryyone says "I want to go into game design!" But it actually facinates me as an art o.o

    But I would also love to get into software design as well.

    Again, thanks for your reply ^^

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