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Thread: Attento Adult Nappies/Diapers initial experience

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    Default Attento Adult Nappies/Diapers initial experience

    Hi all,

    Finally obtained some Japanese ATTENTO Back leak and Side Leak Guard M20 that I ordered sometime ago and I have to say not at all impressed with the absorbency though otherwise they are fine LOL.

    My first clue should have been the little bit of English that said 150ml, I thought this was indicative of 1500ml.... Nope wet right through last night and I am not a flooder so can discount the speed of SAP absorption versus available padding. Confirm they do contain SAP.

    Features: cloth like backing, velcro style tabs and landing area & leakage guards.

    Thickness: super thin.

    Tabs: 2 per side and spaced similar to Tena so ok for people with thicker legs.

    On the positive side these are incredibly soft (inside) with the top sheet being the most comfortable I have felt against my skin.

    Going to get some more merit booster pads (annoyingly invalidating a big portion of the positive softness) to avoid these being a complete and very expensive waste.

    ATTENTO Back leak and Side Leak Guard M20 pictures by Choos - Photobucket

    I had attempted to order the Takecare brand but was advised they could only offer the generic ATTENTO product.

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    Disposable with velcro tabs and it's sooo soft? I have always wanted to ask that why japanese companies sell their diapers only on their domestic market?Why don't they import or make it also in EU or in the USA?It would be good for both sides...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    so what is that? a stuffer for the crotch area?
    Don't know if Merit boosters are available everywhere but yes they are a stuffer:

    Merit Booster Pad pictures by Choos - Photobucket

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    LOL these are definitely Japanese but you would need to approach their use with "cura" or you will have a "letto bagnato."

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