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Thread: Welsh AB/SB wishing to say hello

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    Default Welsh AB/SB wishing to say hello

    I'm a slim/slightly adult who enjoys shared fun with those who enjoy babying timid adults and helping them to be the babies they are meant to be.

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    Croeso i Adisc, Boyoback

    Fy rhieni byw yn Cymru, ac rydw in byw yn Cymru ar y plentyn, ond nawr rydw i'n mynd am prifysgol yn Lloegr. Ble yn cymru wyt ti'n byw? Fy rhieni yn byw yn yr de-orllewin.

    Anyway, that is enough of me trying to speak Welsh to you - I am not at all fluent and just remember odd bits from school really. Wyt ti'n hoffi coffee etc. Welcome to the site, always nice to have another Welsh person added into the mix - compared to English/Scottish/Irish AB/DLs we are in the minority.

    Anyway, I'm not sure whether you thought it was, but the fact that you mentioned your appearance and enjoying to share fun with others makes it sound a little like you may be looking to meet other AB/DLs. Just so you know, adisc is absolutely not a meeting or a dating site, and personal adds or actively trying to find people to meet up with her is, for the most part, against the rules and ethos of the site. As a new member I suggest you take a look at this handy article which just outlines the key information you may want or need to know about adisc:

    Anyway, formalities and patriotism aside, tell us more about yourself! Outside of diapers what kind of things are you interested in? Do you have any hobbies or interests? Do you play any sports (rugby perhaps!)? When you're not indulging in your AB/SB side what kind of stuff do you get up to? Generally we ask new members to share more about themselves than just their diaper side, (although of course you don't have to share anything you don't want to - I understand privacy is important on a site like this), as we all share the diaper interest so generally the other stuff helps us to find other common interests we may share. If that all sounds a bit daunting then there is a handy 'cheat sheet' one of our staff members made which may help you out, and you can find that here:

    Anyway, as I said, great to have another member from Wales join us and I look forward to hearing more from you

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