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Thread: Diaper Tapes and Refastenability

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    Default Diaper Tapes and Refastenability

    Do diaper tapes allow you to refasten at will? Abena's and Molicares do not refasten well, and I was wondering if the diaper taps from various websites will allow those diapers to be able to be refastened.


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    Do you mean like tabs you can add to a diaper, or different tabs that other diapers use?

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    Personally, the ones with the blue attachment, not really keen on but the ones with "landing zone" are better as you don't have to try and refasten at the same angle and measurement.

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    If I'm careful I can get three sticks out of the Molicare and Abena both but after that it's pretty much just one more time because that last time I have to use duct tape. I have a roll of white duct tape for that very purpose.

    You might try Active Ultra Plus which have velcro tabs. I haven't tried them but want to. They velcro is said to eventually come unstuck from the tabs but people report it taking quite some time. Maybe 10-20 refastening.

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    Attends are re-fastenable as many times as you like BUT you have to get the position exactly right 1st time round (it seems to be quite easy though) because this sticks a blue under tape on which then cannot be removed. You can then take the diaper on and off by removing the white tapes on top. You do however then have to stick the white tapes back on at the same angle & tightness to match the blue ones.
    Its a system that works for me most of the time but isn't perfect by any means.

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    The movable tapes (like on the bambino, where the diaper has a tape landing zone) allow you to move them, but (1) they do limit WHERE you can tape, if they're not a perfect fit you may need to tape somewhere off the land, and (2) after one or two moves they start losing their grip and can pop off. I had a tape pop off on my bambino as I was just waking up this morning. Had to get up and duct tape it.

    The 'second chance' / 'blue' tapes like the abena use have a different strategy. The shells on those are usually a soft plastic and the tape adhesive is really strong, so they're impossible to move without tearing the shell. But the first time you tape it down, the blue part of the tape sticks. Then you can peel the white off the blue and move it, ONCE. I find that sometimes the abena's blue tape pull tab gets in the way when trying to make a tape adjustment, and I have to hold it back out of the way to adjust the white tape in just an inch or so.

    The removable tapes also make removing the diaper a little easier, because you can peel the tapes up instead of having to rip/tear your way out. But if you haven't had to move any of the retapes, you can just peel the white off the blue easily.

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    You can add "duck" tape to any diaper to give it a good landing zone, giving you the ability to re-tape several times depending on how strong the actual glue on the tabs are(fore example i can remove a Depends dpr 3 or 4 times).Now to get a good idea were to place the tape on the diaper, do what you useally do when putting on the diaper expt dont fasten the taps, instead make mental notes on were thoes fastening taps are going to be placed, then add the tape to that area. (for example since Depends have 3 fastening tabs, i usually place one clear strip about half an inch from the top then, one more under that , then i place one pice of tape going down lenght wise for that 3rd fastening tab. Finally if you want some extra flair for your diaper Tapes.

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    I've used packing tape for that purpose as well but it also makes the front stiffer which I don't like. Does duck/duct tape work better? I feel like the tapes wouldn't stick to the vinyl backing on the duct tape as well but I couldn't tell you why I think that. Like I said I have white duct tape so that could work quite well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vagueimpression View Post
    You can add "duck" tape to any diaper to give it a good landing zone,
    That's a good idea, I'm ashamed to say I didn't think of it myself. Or actually, packing tape would probably work even better, easier for tapes to stick to. Basically just like adding your own tape landing zone to the diaper!

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    sorry i must of confused every one, i just ment the Duck tape brand( they also make clear packing tap, thats what i use) beacuse there packing tape is thick also the "Scothc" packing tape works, it also thick ( i usually like thick tape so it can give you a better fit, it gives you a nice belt like felling, just like the old baby diapers.

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