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Thread: Abena XL4 Air Premium Flex Tapes are BAD

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    Thumbs down Abena XL4 Air Premium Flex Tapes are BAD

    I have been buying Abena Air Plus XL4's from My last shipment was replaced with the new Premium style. I immediately have had trouble with their new flex-tapes. They loosen up so much that the diaper falls off in an hour or so. Or the tapes tear apart where the stretchy part joins the tape.
    So now my $1.50 diapers require that I put them on with duct tape.

    I think Dry 24/7 has a new customer.

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    You cant stretch the tapes to start with, people hear stretch tapes, then proceed to stretch them to the max. They are not elastic, but just a stretchy plastic, diapers with stretch tapes will always feel looser then normal tapes, they are made that way on purpose, so you have some room to stretch as you move around. It seems the problem everyone has is that they want them to fit as snug as a diaper with regular tapes, so they stretch the stretchy stuff to the max.
    I put my on standing, pull the sides just snug enough, and place tapes (vs, grabbing tapes and pulling)

    Interested though, can you post some pics of the new style? (or a review of the differences, besides the tapes)

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    I noticed this change too in my most recent shipment from XPmedical.

    However, i did not find the change to be terribly detrimental. Sure, the diaper does loosen over time and generally is more loose than your average. But even plastic backed diapers have the issue of stretching/loosening over time. I have not experienced the tapes tearing apart as the OP did.

    As a whole I've been more pleased with the latest generation than disappointed.

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    bambino teddy;s had that issue. im not sure if it was fixed but the material they used was more of a rubbery material that ripped almost every time i wore them....but i agree with cant stretch them too much and that is what you feel like doing because it feels unatural. if im diapering my two year old daughter and i pull the stretch tapes too tight the tabs on her diaper will rip....

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    ABuniverse has the option for either the cloth woven material or the plastic poly cover still.

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