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    I finally ended up going to the doctor a week ago for my bedwetting issues, but she didn't say anything except that it's not normal, so she referred me to a urologist. This is my first time going to a urologist for anything, so I'm kind of nervous. I don't really mind what they do except that I've heard some tests can actually leave you incontinent for a few hours afterwards, and I've got a huge presentation to give a few hours after the appointment so obviously I don't want to be in diapers for it. Anyways, what tests should I expect for a first time bedwetting visit? Any side effects to look out for? Thanks for your help.

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    Here is what I wrote in another thread about this,

    Your first visit may not be that big of a deal. There should be lots of questions they will ask of you, may have to change eating and drinking habits, may ask you to keep a diary of fluid intake and out take, so for the first visit it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Just be open and honest with every question they ask you so they can help figure out what might be causing your night wetting. This was from the article

    Also I haven't heard of any test that the urologist does that causes you to be incontinent for a few hours.

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    ^ I heard somewhere that you can experience mild incontinence after a cystoscopy, although I don't know if that's true.

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    Your first appointment almost certainly will NOT involve anything as exciting as a cystoscopic exam. If your urologist wants to do a cystoscopic exam it will be scheduled for a later appointment, quite possibly at a hospital clinic.

    On a first appointment, the urologist will be interested in your medical history, especially your bedwetting history. Have you wet the bed all your life, or did you start wetting again after a prolonged dry period? You will also be asked to provide a urine sample and will probably be sent for some blood tests and maybe some x-rays. The urologist might prescribe a drug or arrange for you to have an alarm treatment which would wake you up each time you start to wet.

    Anyway, good luck and let us know-how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goodnites11 View Post
    ^ I heard somewhere that you can experience mild incontinence after a cystoscopy, although I don't know if that's true.
    Well, it's possible that the urinary sphincter won't fully close after the cytoscope is withdrawn, but that's unlikely unless they've had to administer a muscle relaxant to get it in, and even then, the effect won't last very long. But you aren't going to undergo an invasive procedure like a cytoscopy any time soon. Your first hospital diagnostic appointment is likely to be an ultrasound and/or X-ray, neither of which are at all painful (although the requirement to have a full bladder can be a bit of a bugger!).
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    Checking and Inconinmiss pretty much described it all. But, I'm going to throw my 2cents in too On a first appointment *copy paste theirs*:
    Lots of questions,
    Be ready for a digital exam *bend and cough*.
    A urinalysis (for UTI which you should get uroxatrol for),
    Maybe a couple blood tests (for diabetes)
    Ultrasound / x-ray / CT again if they suspect something or you have really good insurance and a crappy doc (but isn't that more for daytime incontinence issues?)
    and I'm guessing the most you will walk out with is a greasy behind and some pamphlets.

    So they'll probably give you some booklets on night alarms, ones telling you to pee before bed, 'think dry', etc..
    After other tests come back if it's an imbalance they may give you some ADH medication.

    I wouldn't worry about an endoscopy just yet unless there is bad infection or blockage present, or you have good insurance and they want to cash in. Even when/if you get that you might dribble a little afterward but nothing major. When mine was done, afterward there wasn't really anything left in there that didn't come out during/right after on the table. The lidocaine jelly wears off about an hour after I think.

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    none of its fun, I won;t deal with them again.

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