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Thread: im not new here but i never really used that much

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    Default im not new here but i never really used that much

    i never posted a thread before.
    now im gonna do it more often.
    im 14 years old and my name is Eran.
    by the way my birthday is very soon in 29 april
    i love justin bieber.
    if justin bieber was gay my name would be eran bieber after few days.
    i like action movies comedy and horror i hate.. i mean i HATE drama sad movies!
    why would anyone go to a movie to be sad?

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    People go to sad movies to feel catharsis.

    It's a way to let out your emotions that build up inside from your day-to-day life. For some people it's a very therapeutic experience. Personally, I get very attached to characters in films and television shows and feel a stronger connection to them than I do for people in my real life most of the time. Maybe it's a way to trigger a strong emotional response that you lack in your regular life.

    Quick question: is your comma key broken?

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