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    I have heard a lot of good things about a US brand called Dry 24/7. I was wondering if anyone has tried these, and whether anyone knows of an online supplier that ships to the UK -- or preferably a supplier that's actually in the UK. I don't think they're a very well known brand, so there isn't much about them on google except for their site.



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    As far as I know there are no online suppliers of Dry 24/7 in the UK - they are quite a new brand and I think only available in America. A lot of people on the forum have tried them, and I'm sure will be able to tell you more about them. You may be able to find past threads on them using the search feature, although unfortunately it does not seem to currently be working for me so I cannot link you any, sorry.

    In terms of ordering them in the UK, XP Medical ship to the UK. However, I once emailed to find out the cost, and it is rather a lot. XP-Medical replied to my message as follows:

    I do not know the customs/import laws of the UK, so you may have to ask at your postal service or government office if their is a charge for import.

    Unfortunately, for the shipping, it is rather expensive.

    The one pack in a box weighs about 10 pounds, the half case 20, and the full case 40. Shipping is as follows:

    One pack: $58 + product cost of $31.95
    Half case: $86 + product cost of $59.95
    Full Case: $147 + product cost of $118.95
    At the current exchange rate that means for one pack of 18 Dry 24/7 you would be paying $90 - around 55 or 3 a nappy.
    For a half case of 36 you would be paying $146 - around 88 or 2.40 per nappy.
    For a full case of 72 you would be paying $266 - around 161 or 2 per nappy.

    So essentially it is probably only worth considering them from oversees if you are willing to buy the full case, and even then you would still be paying a high price per-nappy, considering you can buy most premium brands (Abena, Tena, Molicaire) for around 50p a nappy.

    Hopefully one day a UK or European supplier will arise, but at the moment I don't think one exists. Sorry.

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    Coming the other way, from the UK to the US is also really expensive, and slow. I used to by some clothing from the UK but stopped years ago because of that. It always irritates me as shipping from Japan or Hong Kong to the US is so much better. For those prices you'd get EMS shipping which for me from Japan/HK takes about 2-3 days for me. If it was shipped Surface it would take two weeks or so but it wouldn't be much more than the normal UPS ground prices for inside the continental US.

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    I can't give any description for shipping to the UK, but in terms of personal review I can tell you that Dry 24/7's are awesome, but the price tag isn't. They're absorbent like you wouldn't believe. I went for a whole day chugging drinks and it didn't leak until right before I went to bed...and that was from a flood while sitting down and it was a after like, I don't even know how many floods over the course of the day. My one gripe though is that they use the tapes like Abenas, the double tape tabs. They're cool because if you need to mess you can take it off and just put the top tape back onto the lower tape...assuming you hit it spot on. But as far as readjustments after they've set in?...not likely to happen. And after I take them off, I don't often land them back on the same spot the double tapes are a bit of a miss. I wish they did something like bambinos, or maybe even velcro like my current staple diaper (Active Ultra Plus).

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    Dry 24/7 are maid in Israel not the US .They are distributed out of New York

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    Dry 24/7 are really absorbant. I diapered someone that used them and they are thick. They hold up really well too without bunching up too bad. Another option is if you can get Welness Brief brand there, they are thick as well. One diaper and you feel like a baby looks when they don't have the strength to put their legs all the way together. It isn't quite that bad but it is definitly a noticable difference from other brands. Can't compare Dry 24/7 to Welness directly though. I have heard from many places that abena x plus are really absorbant as well.

    Hope you find something you are looking for.

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    I think Dry 24/7 is my favourite disposable. They're sized a bit bigger than Abenas, so the medium will fit someone with a 38" waist just fine. They hold more than the Abena X-Plus or M4 or whatever stupid name they have this week, too. Also, if you buy by the case, the cost differential is small enough that they are in fact worth the extra money.

    That said, good luck getting them shipped overseas. You're suffering from the same issue I suffer with the amazing UK Tenas.

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    Thanks for all the replies - I have found an ebay seller who ships internationally (search 'dry 24/7' on so hopefully it will be possible to get some delivered to the UK.

    And yes velcro seems like a very good idea, I will check out that brand you mentioned Alpha.

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    Yeah I need to check those out as well. One of my first posts here was talking about how I modded some Abena diapers to have velcro just like that. Someone was kind of a jerk about it and I stopped posting here for awhile because of it but I digress. :P The Active Ultra Plus sounds kind of like my ideal disposable.

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    I am a convert to the Dry 24/7, for sure. These diapers are awesome! Incredibly thick & you can flood them several times before a change. Add a booster pad and you can literally go all day without a change. I don't think I have experienced a single leak with one yet. They are VERY comfortable. I love the leg gathers, I can hardly feel them even when they're taped on tight. Just a nice, soft, thick pad between my legs that I know will be there for me whenever I want to use it

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