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Thread: Question about shaving privates - Frequency

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    Default Question about shaving privates - Frequency

    this question is for thoes of you that shave down there all the time. How long do you waite befor you reshave down there

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    Like shaving my legs, it's best to wait a couple days before doing it again. I find that if I do it everyday, I start getting lots of nicks, cuts, and razor burn.. and so I try to hold out as long as possible before shaving, though not long enough to where it starts getting itchy!

    Though I have sensitive skin, I don't know if this applies to everyone!

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    The shaving thing all depends on how hairy you are. As for me, I shave every three days.
    If you have just started, you might want to start off buy trimming the area really short.
    Then after that shave. A hint thou, when you start to shave the private areas. You might want to use a lotion after.
    Then let it grow in a little bit before shaving again.

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    I generally shave every other day or so and always while I'm in the shower. The warm/hot water loosens up the skin a bit. Another big thing ... ALWAYS use a sharp razor. If you think your blade's getting dull, don't even use it for that area or you'll get razor burn bad... or at least I do.

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    I'm not a military barber, why are you asking me? And what is down there, you mean lower ranks? Heh heh, I know the drill. And the razor, but I'm not a barber, so I don't - and I'm a dentist. Hey! I do know the drill!

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    I'm a dude, and I'm all about the trim, not fully smooth. I probably do maintenance once a month or so.

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    I do it about once or twice a week. I shower in the mornings, and rarely have time to do it before work.

    I'll agree on the dull thing. I can generally only use a razor 2-3 times before it starts getting pretty much useless.

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    I'm not a very hairy individual, so I do it once maybe every week if I want to remain relatively hairless down there. If I'm feelin lazy I might wait two weeks or so, or until I shave my "beard" as well :p .


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    I've been shaving that area for years and am thankful for the newer shavers from Intuition. I shave every other day, in the shower, keeping the diaper area completely free of hair. If I wait longer I start to itch a little. If you shave often you won't have shaving rashes and if you get a rash Desitin works. I personally think keeping the hair away helps with odors. So does changing regularly. And I love the way diapers feel without all that icky hair!

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    I'm a pretty hairy guy on my arms, legs, and groin. For many years, I've used an electric razor to shave the hair on my body down to a "#1" length about every two weeks. Keeping the hair very short on my diaper area helps with staying clean. Just be very careful when shaving. It's a bit of a hassle, but worth it.

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