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Thread: Help Requested - AB/TB/DL's Who are we and what do we like (besides diapers)?

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    Exclamation Help Requested - AB/TB/DL's Who are we and what do we like (besides diapers)?

    Besides the obvious question that some of us asked before finding ADISC, "Does anyone else like diapers besides me?", I am guessing that there are a lot of members who may wonder "How many other ab/tb/dl's are like me or have the same types of "non-diaper" interests as me?"

    For instance, I have come to the conclusion that there are few, if any, other padded cowboys in our audience. I think a lot of people could benefit from knowing just how many members share in their individual interests/hobbies in a statistical format.

    This information can be partially surmised from surfing the introduction posts, groups, and forums, but I could not find anywhere where there is a specific poll regarding how many share the same type of non ab/tb/dl/fur interests. I think this information might be very interesting and worthwhile to understanding who we are as the ADISC community. Perhaps it could then be used in part of the wiki information on our site.

    So, I am proposing a poll of "non-diaper interests". Rather than post the poll immediately, I would like some input first as to the poll categories. Since there is a limit to the number of categories, some general categories will need to be formed. I would like to get your input on what these should be and then I will post a poll with the most common and grouped interests/hobbies.

    Please respond with your suggestions. So far, after viewing ADISC groups and other areas, I have come up with these categories:

    - Gamers (primarily computer games)
    - Sports (athletic of diverse categories --football, basketball, hockey, etc)
    - Outdoors (recreation activities or general outdoor activities)
    - Roleplay games (airguns, other)
    - Movie and TV buffs (fans, followers, etc.)
    - Computers (programming, technology, etc.)
    - Intellectual (history, particular subjects, "bookworms", etc.)
    - Music/Bands (artists, composers, vocalists, etc.)
    - Politics
    - Motorheads - motorized recreation (boating, flying, motorcycles, etc.)
    - Art (painting, photography, sculpture, etc)
    - Animals (pets, cows "me", horses, etc.)
    - Religion or Other Practices

    I am open to any and all suggestions. The above is just a short list of my initial thoughts. Alterations, additions, subtractions, etc. will all be considered.

    I am hoping that the final product will be a very worthwhile survey and provide a better understanding of the percentages of ADISC members that share identical "non-ab/dl interests".

    Note: I spent the better part of two hours searching to see if this has been done before. I could not find a similar poll or statistical analysis. If I missed another source or poll, moderators, please consider whether this should be updated and redirect if you see fit.

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    You would need multiple polls to go over just all the major categories of interests. There have been a few religion polls posted in the past. For possible entertainment related polls, such as music or movie, it would be best to stick to genres in the poll instead of specific pieces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BruanHam View Post
    You would need multiple polls to go over just all the major categories of interests.
    I agree that you would need multiple polls to get very specific since there are so many individual interests. That is why I am trying to find some more generalized categories. Hopefully, the generalized categories would still provide some valuable insight for members. I am also hopeful that people might post individual comments along with the poll for specific interests within these generalized categories.

    Thanks for the input.

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    So I am wondering, what with the amazing large response so far and all . . . (not).

    Does anybody else have any input, or is there just a lack of interest in this type of a poll? Just curious. I really would like some feedback before proceeding.


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