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Thread: Help please??

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    Default Help please??

    Lately I've been wanting to buy plastic pants... But I don't know how...

    I know they sell them on eBay but what if they come in a big box that says "ADULT BADY DIAPER LOVER" or something weird like that...

    Another question... Which diaper should I try next? I ran out of abenas and Molicares...
    I'm thinking of trying out ghost cloth backed attends (extended wear)
    Or should I get dry 24/7s???

    I can only afford one or the other...

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    You have alread answered your own question, purchase the diaper you can afford.

    As far as the plastic pants being delivered in a box marked ADULT BABY DIAPER LOVER, aint going to happen, they want your repeat business.

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    There's a fairly recent thread on the subject of the first question:

    I'm still unsure of what the hell to buy myself as there's so many options in material and cut out there.

    If you try the Dry 24/7 just be aware they run a bit big. I can wear medium Abena or Molicare no problem but the medium Dry 24/7 are way big on me.

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    About plastic Pants, like you said, maybe order from ebay? From what I've heard, it's a thing that everyone has different opinions on, so it's more of a trial and error situation. I think on ebay you could contact the seller and ask them not to send you them in that kind of packaging?

    About the diapers, I have never tried those two, so sorry, I am of no use


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    If you want to kill 2 birds with one stone, just order everything from They ship everything discreetly for a low price. If you order your plastic pants from there. You can save on shipping rather than ordering from two seperate companies. They have all the good diaper brands too.

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