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Thread: Wearing while in the ER

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    Default Wearing while in the ER

    Ok ima start by saying i was not diapered at the ER. and also that normaly when i wear diapers its at night. this night was one of the nights i desided to wear one.

    So the other night it was a little chilly in my room when my little one woke up for a bottle so i put her in bed with me after she finished her bottle 11ish pm, at 2:24am my doughter had a phebril seisure, ( they've happened a few times so i know what to do ) so i held her tight in all the right ways to make sure shes ok tell the seisure stops, about 1 min later, its over. i grab my keys wallet and obviusly my daughter get her in the car as quick as i could and rush to the hospital ( the seisures she has allow me time to get her there with no 911 calls besides 911 takes forever) any how when i get there get her checked in and make sure that shes gonna be ok, i desided to lay down with her on the bed to try and comfort her and calm her down. when i see a nurse give me a weird luck, not thinking anything of it i snuggle in a bit more and she comes back and gives me another weird look. she did this like 2 more times before i asked her what was wrong. she said i think you need a change! im like what.... then look down and relize the top of my diaper is visible becouse my shirt was pulled up a bit and that light baby blue jammie pants dont do much to hide a slightly bulky wet diaper. the next 2 hours were strange.

    and yes to all those who would like to know my little one is just fine and back to her normal self. the seisures are from her temp riseing to rapidly and they are not damageing.

    sorry if i rambled in parts its a bit late which = me tired and i just suck at writeing

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    Oh no
    Hope all is good now.
    It's an interesting story though.

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    At least everything is ok. The nurse must have been a little bit surprised but on the other hand they tend to deal with and see lots of strange things at hospitals anyways and diapers should be a common thing for them to see nowadays.

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    yes all is well thank you very much for asking but im sure most nurses and doctors do so it wasnt like hmm completely uncomfortable but it was a bit weird after that. she didnt seem to give dirty looks just weird looks of curiosity i would say. when she said that though wheeew felt like a swallowed a frog

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    Watch your child very carefully, my youngest son started out that way back when he was 3. He is now 25 phisicaly but still 3 mentaly.
    I also now the embarasment of wearing a diaper while at the ER when you are not the one needing the medical attention, it sucks.

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    Yikes, sorry to here about your daughter. My sister and I both have epilepsy, and it can be a very scary thing to witness.

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    It's good to hear your daughter is doing o.k. It's amazing when something like happens, we forget what is going on with us.
    What you were doing was showing the nurses that your daughter was more important to you than being concerned about your own condition/situation.

    Personally I know first hand that the E.R. is use to seeing adults in diapers. Being incontinent I have been in the E.R. a few times and nothing was ever said.
    I pray your daughter will over come this so nothing serious will happen to her.

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    Wow, that sounds scary, I hope your little one is fine. Like checkingoutall said, I think ER are used to seeing adults in diapers. So no worry there

    Praying for your little one,


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    Glad to hear your little one is doing well. ER nurses are very good at adapting to anything, and see adults in diapers often. I always laugh at the question: "Are you wearing underwear?" when they're about to reach under the gown to attach something. My answer is always the same. "Yes, the best kind for me." Because one is in the ER for hours on end, I get asked if I want to be changed occasionally. That requires a more detailed answer. I'm allergic to disposables and I always have a diaper bag with me. They're very good about it all.

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    once again thank you all, and oh trust me i keep both eyes on that little girl at all times

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