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    Default Does this happen to you

    It's weird.When I mess my diaper, I only crap a little bit and the stuff doesn't fall out.It's like stuck between my cheeks.Another thing is it's really weird when I let it slide out.I get tense and relaxed at the same time.My body freaks out and I can feel a kinda beating feeling and my body shivers a lot.Does this ever happen to you

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    Everytime i try to mess.. I think only solution is to make your poo watery...

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    Your mind is fighting your desires over the potty training you went through. Once you relearn to go poo without even haveing to think about it all the body shakes and shivers will go away.

    As far as it sticking to your cheeks, that will happen with small amounts, a full load will find its way into your diaper better.

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