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Thread: Welcome to hell...

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    Default Welcome to hell...

    Cluster headaches...I have never experienced something so painful, so debilitating, in my entire life. In the past 3 days I have had my first 4 cluster headaches. Tonight's was that bad I had to go to emerg. I was on oxygen for 20 minutes (kind of helps) before given a shot of Toradol in my rear.

    Anyone here also suffer from this affliction? I have a whole new level of respect for chronic sufferers. To go through this multiple times a day for several weeks at a time... I had 2 in one day and I'm ready to throw in the towel D:

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    It sounds to me like you are having migraine headaches!! During these cluster headaches, do you have light and/or sound sensitivity, nausea, blurred or fuzzy vision? There are other things that can come with a migraine & they all differ from person to person!! But a migraine can really take one out, as you say these headaches have done to you!! I suffer from migraines & mine can get bad, so much so, I just want to sleep all day & not move at all!!

    Keep a list of everything you go through when you have another headache & when you talk to your doctor, see if him or her say it sounds like a migraine & if they do, there are medications that you can take when one starts that will help it go away very quickly!! I hope these are random for you & not an every day thing!! Take care & get well soon, ok!!

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    Actually had to deal with this for about ten years of my life. Would have migraines(Severe, including Nausea) every single day, basically all day long, until my doctor's prescribed some sort of medicine. It was a life-saver, at least for me, although currently I rarely have migraines.. Again, Doctor said it could either worsen after puberty, or take a turn for the better and completely stop. Luckily, this stopped a couple years ago.

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    The Dr figures cluster headaches because of the symptoms. Sharp, hot lancing pain behind my left eye. Pain radiates up to my forhead, bridge of nose and to my left temple. Pain sometimes spreads to my cheek bone. It's all on one side of my head.

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    I'm taking anti-inflammatorys for the time being.

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    I get migraines, usually triggered from drinking coffee or red wine, sometimes some types of cheese. Luckily I know what triggers it, and I drink red wine in moderation, and never have coffee anymore. I find it very difficult to live without cheese however :P.

    The migraines I get are weird. They make half my body go numb/dumb/burny, it's almost like having a stroke. Or, like half my brain has shut down, and the correlating parts of my body have followed suit. Very strange. But I find that drinking over 2L of water every day also helps. A pint with every meal without fail. I now rarely have them any more.

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    Not sure if they are cluster headaches, but my mom and sister get migraines like its nothing, my sister used to get them 3 or 4 times a week, and my mom was they same way for a few months. they still get them pretty often but know its like 5 times a month not 5 times a week.

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    I get migraines, and they're not like what you're describing. They're the classic migraine type where you get an aura and then the headache, and they never come as close together as yours either.

    I've had a milder version of the thing Luca describes where bits of me go numb - eerily, the numbness crawls about with me, like it would start in my fingers and then crawl up my arm till part of my face was numb and tingly instead. Haven't had that since I was a teenager, thank heavens.

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    I am very sorry to hear you have had cluster headaches. They are supposed to be some of the worst pain you can experience. Much worse than migraine. I have heard that women who have had them claim that the pain was worse than childbirth!
    I really hope it was a once off for you.

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    i get most kinds of 'headaches', mainly due to infections, and the exact difference between one or the other can be a bit blurry, at times.
    from the definition of clusters that i have, they strike out of the blue, can spread over the outside and inside of the head and then just vanish. it can sometimes only last a second. and the pain is like...... strange. i've heard it compared to being stabbed in the head but, for me, it reminds me of a particular pain i get in the back of my leg whilst doing leg curls; and it's actually a pain i like as it's very close to being orgasmic (and i know how strange that sounds).
    but, having that suddenly strike your head, for no apparent reason, is a bit unsettling and something you don't want. fortunately, for me, the ones that i get can often be subdued by a slight tensing of the head muscles, in the same way as one would cure hiccups by slightly tensing the diaphragm for a few moments, by trying to 'frown', but without moving one's brow. these are the muscles concerned:

    but don't clamp the jaw, just slightly tense the top portions. don't ask me how i found out, i've been doing it since i was a kid.

    the cause is usually an infection or, more often, the precursor for an infection anywhere in/on the skull area; could be a hair folicle, tooth, sinusitis, ear or anything. often, the infection may not develop into something requiring attention, but it's worth keeping it in mind (forewarned is forearmed).

    the OP's headaches sound like there's a sinus infection on the brew, to me. if the doctor hasn't prescribed antibiotics, heat-treatment may help (with the pain and the infection). a trick that i do is to hovver the front of my head over an electrical toaster, breathe in the hot air and allow the heat to fully penetrate the front of the skull (if you've got access to a sauna, that may also work if it's hot enough). the trick is to get used to the heat slowly; that way you can build up enough heat to kill the bacteria without burning yourself.
    some people swear by steaming, but i feel that only gives moisture to the bacteria.
    and/or you could try a salt-water flushing of the nasal cavity: tub/basin of warm salted water, dunk your nose in it, keeping your mouth clear for breathing and go through the motions of swallowing and nasal sucking. you may need to do it several times, replacing the salt-water each time.
    chlorinated swimming pools may sound like an option, but the chlorine is an irritant and may cause further problems....... and pools always have other people's snot and muck in them.

    anyway, there's a couple of things to try that don't cost money and shouldn't do you any harm, so long as you don't go OTT.

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    Thanks all for the great replies. Ade's was particularly informative. Ironically enough I was talking to a co-worker and she told me about her son. He had gotten an eye infection by scratching his eye while either removing or applying his contacts. This infection spread to his brain and he needed antibiotics. He's fine now though. I had recently had an eye infection that is starting to clear up and is almost non-existant. I didn't think to link the two (derrr) though it makes sense. If the headaches come back I will mention this to my physician.

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