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Thread: 1000 Awesome Things

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    So, there is this website called 1000 Awesome Things | A time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things, and basically, the website lists all these small things that make your day. I.E,

    -Seeing your reflection in a store front window and liking what you see
    -Ripping off a square of plastic wrap that doesn’t get stuck to itself
    -When you’re merging into traffic and there’s no traffic to merge into

    And it make me think, what are some *B/DL related things that make your day, or you think are awesome?

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    Being able to wet like a natural here and there

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    Being able to go anytime I want without leaving my computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maytricks View Post
    Waking up in a sleeper and wet padding. Best way to wake up evar.
    Fixed ^^

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    The sight of snowfall can only be improved by adding one part padding and one part footie pajamas. Mix and enjoy.

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    wearing diapers with my wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Maytricks View Post
    Waking up in a sleeper and wet padding with a plushie. Best way to wake up evar.
    Fixed ^^
    Double fixed. ^^

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    Wow, cool site I shall be reading that later!

    Umm, my awesome diaper thing would be, being padded when its freezing cold and your behind is lovely and warm

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    Being able to accept diapers as my regular underwear after decades of wrestling with incontinence.

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