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Thread: Ever had diapers STOLEN???!!!

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    Default Ever had diapers STOLEN???!!!

    OK I thought you might get a kick out of this. So I went on vacation over Christmas, well I forgot to tell the post office to hold my packages while I was, my big box of 2 packages of Abena x-plus (unmarked box of course) was deliverd and left on the doorstep of my residence. Problem was, it wasn't there when I returned from vacation. A few phone calls by me confirmed that it had indeed been delivered on schedule, and I was basically sol! At first, I was pretty po'd , mostly because now I was stuck wearing store-brand diapers til I culd order some more Abenas, and yeah, because with shipping I was out of pocket about $50! I couldn't help but chuckle to myself though, trying to picture what the crooks thought when they opened the big box that surely must have contained expensive christmas presents, only to find adult diapers? And what is the street value of a stolen diaper? Somewhere, someone is wearing "hot diapers!"

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    I was out $75.00 when a case of my Secure X-Plus diapers were stolen. Authorities would not do a damn thing because it was around the time of the astronaut who gave us diaper wearing people a bad name and yeah. Though now I could only imagine the looks on the crooks faces now that you mention it. Realizing that they stolen diapers.

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    I had a shipment of diapers lost at a reciveing terminal. Brown truck guys confermed it was delivered to the terminal for finial delivery but was never shipped out from that terminal. Called diaper company and told them I never recived the diapers I paid for, gave then the story about lost in shipping and infor to contact shippers.
    They reshipped my order useing the other delivery service and I recived my goods in less than seven days.

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    I've had a few things (not diapers) vanish mid-shipment. Every time the company who shipped the item went ahead and shipped me another one, which was cool. Once with an order from Thing Geek the order was posted as "delivered" and wasn't. They where super cool and sent the entire order again and even expedited it. Weird things was like two weeks later the lost package showed up and I ended up returning it to sender.

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    The cost of shipping additional merchandise is absolutely negligible compared to the cost of losing a potential repeat customer, and also neatly sidesteps the possibility for legal backlash. Always complain: the company will bend over for you.

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    Yeah I would agree. Even really tiny business let alone someplace like Amazon.

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    Aww poor you for that bad luck. But yeah, I can imagine the robbers faces when they open the package XD Ahaha


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    Quote Originally Posted by sayounara View Post
    But yeah, I can imagine the robbers faces when they open the package XD Ahaha
    Yeah, I imagine these two guys, one tall and skinny and the other short and fat, both wearing those old-timey highwayman masks, black knit caps, and black-and-white striped clothes, gasping in shock about the newfound nature of their loot.

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    Read about people having theire packages disappearing in shipment... well... thought I'd tell ya about my new mac that disappeared last week... waited since 3rd of April for it, and now Apple will make a new one...

    And about stolen diapers... I've had a few single diapers stolen, but not an entire batch... scared the hell out of me!

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    I bet they were Pi**ed when they found out they were diapers, but at least now they're prepared.

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