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    Hello I'm Jackie. I am by no means new to the AB lifestyle, been into diapers and the lifestyle since I was 10 years old

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    Hello Jackie, it's nice to meet you.
    Do you mind if I ask you what other things you're interested in? What are your favorite books or movies? What are your hobbies? I'm kinda curious to know and the rest of the forum probably wants to know as well. I understand if you're nervous about someone else recognize you, but you don't have to be very detailed about it.

    Welcome to ADISC.

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    A super huggly berry wonderful welcome to you Jackie!

    What other things did you enjoy doing at age 10? I was super already obsessed with video games, you couldn't keep me away.. it was like, even when I was sitting on my bed, trying to to go sleep I was still plugged in. Just getting into RPG's at that time too, which was crazy.

    But I don't mean to talk about myself, I wanna hear about you!

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