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Thread: How do I wear to school when I have gym?

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    Default How do I wear to school when I have gym?

    I keep wetting my pants in school and think that I should wear a diaper before people start to notice or care, but how do I do this when I have gym?

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    You could be excused from gym possibly or have it be on home independent study and have your parents confirm your working out. Also you could get excused from not having to change in the locker room or at least in front of other kids. I used to change into my PE shorts and shirts in the stall, and I din't need to wear.

    All that said, I can't really help but think you just want attention. Just given how about how seemingly 80% of these situations posted on adisc are now lies from attention seekers who want to get us to believe their lies. such people lie since they can't get diapers and the next best thing is to get other people believe their diaper life is PERFECT.

    But, in case your telling the truth I answered the question and those are likely the two best options.

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    Can you buy me a new bullshit-o-meter please. Also don't clutter up the forums with this crap.

    I apologise if this isn't complete bullshit. The wording of your post suggests it is because why would you only wet your pants at school?

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    Fire, that was a bit excessive, but true none the less. Anyway, if you wetting at school I would talk to your parents, that is an obvious medical issue and needs to be looked into.

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    Wouldn't you want to contact the doctor. He will write you a note excusing you from gym class.
    Other then that, don't drink liquids beforehand.
    If you want to wear diapers, that's one thing, but wear them on your own time.

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    No, this is not fake... I really am having problems with this, have some diapers, and need to do something for tomorrow. I will have time over the weekend to figure something out. The last time I went to the doctor about it, around a year ago, he said it was a bladder infection and had me tested. It turned out that it wasn't a bladder infection, and it was never brought to anyone's attention again. I had two other threads about this, but now I need a quick solution because this has gotten worse. Obviously, a doctor won't care. My parents just ignore this... I am worried about people seeing me walking around with a wet spot and making fun of, not wearing a diaper to school for "fun" and what not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadestar View Post
    Fire, that was a bit excessive, but true none the less. Anyway, if you wetting at school I would talk to your parents, that is an obvious medical issue and needs to be looked into.
    You haven't even seen anything yet. Normally I would be right along with SuperSam1223 just calling out bullshit. But what I did was offered advice in case it was true which I doubt it is. Then called bullshit, and gave reasoning as to why I called bullshit.

    But if you think thats excessive then please. don't ever read ANY of my posts again. I think there's a ignore feature somewhere.

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    This is real though... not deekerish crap. It happens at home too; there is just no one there that will notice it. It's the same thing at night: I don't change the sheet and use fabric spray if I need to, but I have been doing that for years.

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    My first advice would be to go to the doctor. It is not typical for a teen to be wetting their pants in school, and as such this could be an indication that there is something wrong. It may be that with treatment this problem could be resolved, or it may be a symptom of another problem. Certainly this is not something that you should simply ignore or deal with, you definitely need to go and see a medical professional so that they can check that you are okay.

    As for wearing to school, and especially to gym class, normally I would say this is something to be avoided. However, if it is necessary then obviously you have no choice. How to best conceal this will depend in part on the severity and occurrences of your wetting. If, for example, the wetting is very rare and usually only when you haven't been able to go to the bathroom for a long time then you may decide that the risk of having your diaper exposed is greater than the risk of wetting your pants in gym. In this case you could simply go to the bathroom before getting changed for gym, making sure to empty your bladder, and take off your diaper, wearing only underwear to get changed for and partake in gym, and at the end of the gym when you are back in your regular clothes you could go back to the bathroom and put on a fresh diaper. If the likelihood of wetting your pants is slim, then this may have a lower risk of being embarrassed than wearing a diaper.

    If however the wetting is completely unpredictable or very likely then this probably won't be sufficient. In that case you might wish to consider whether you actually need the protection of a diaper, or whether another form of protection may be appropriate. When you are wetting your pants, is your entire bladder emptying? If so then you may need the protection of a diaper, however, if you are only losing small amount of urine or dribbling slightly then protection designed for light-moderate may be more suitable. It is possible to buy incontinence pads which are designed to stick into regular underwear, these will catch small-medium amounts of urine, and will be far more discreet than a diaper. If you wear a pad inside your underwear it is unlikely anybody is going to notice.

    If though when you have accidents you are voiding large amounts of urine then a diaper or pull-up may be your best option. As others have mentioned, if you talk to your parents or doctor you may be able to receive a note either excusing you from gym or highlighting that you will need a private place to change. If this isn't possible though then all you can really do is take steps to try and minimise the likelihood of people noticing. Choose to wear a brand of diaper that is thin and discreet, such as a pull-up rather than a tape-on diaper. Then I would suggest wearing underwear over the diaper, this way it is covered and it is far less likely that anybody will notice whilst you are getting changed. Just be sure when you are changing to sit in a quiet corner of the changing room and to change fast so that the likelihood of anybody seeing anything is low. Generally people are not going to watch you whilst you are changing, so as long as you are careful to be discreet there is no reason why anybody should notice what you are wearing. Depending on your gym kit and the activity you are doing though there may also be a risk that whilst you are partaking in gym your shirt may ride up and reveal the waistband of the diaper, so you may wish to wear an under-shirt or otherwise take steps to prevent this.

    Finally, be prepared to be discovered. You will be in a much better position if you are prepared for the possibility that someone will notice, and are ready with a few quick remarks, than if you expect nobody to see and are then taken my surprise when they do. Be ready to explain calmly that you wear because of a medical condition, and ideally to have some retorts to any teasing that may be thrown your way to show that it doesn't bother you. If people don't think their teasing etc is having an effect then usually they will stop. Pointing out that you are wearing for medical reasons, and highlighting that in reaction to any teasing may help to reduce the likelihood of people reacting unkindly, but really you should be prepared for that situation if you are going to wear.

    But my main advice would still be to go to the doctor. Typically teens do not wet their pants, and so it is important that you get checked out to be sure that there is nothing seriously wrong. Beyond that, there may be ways in which this can be treated. Managing the problem with diapers should be your last resort, and not your first - there may certainly be ways of either curing this, or at least reducing the likelihood or severity of it. Of course that is not always the case, but only a doctor can assess you and advise your further on that.

    Good luck discussing this with the doctor - I understand that things like this can be embarrassing or awkward to go to the doctor with, but they will have seen it all before and should hopefully be able to help you.

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    I mean not to offend, but I can see many flaws and things that do not add up in this story and just don't believe it.

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