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    So recently I've been having some issues with my Tena Slips which I wear for my bed wetting. Something to do with the plastic affecting my Eczema.

    Went to the Nurse and only other option I think was Attends? So I have to see the continence service to see if I can get any better ones.

    If I can't then I might have to look into buying. Bearing you I do live in the uk. And I'm about a medium so anybody have any suggestions?

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    Not living over there I don't know what all is really offered. I have found for me that Abena's have been the best at keeping skin problems away. If I use anything that is cloth backed for some reason it causes rashes and irratates my skin. If I have to wear anything other than Abena's, I make sure I use lots of diaper rash cream and powder.

    Hope you find a good working diaper. Keep talking with them and see what all they can offer and see if you can try them out before they get you cases of them.

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    I've had a little luck with depends and stuffers, and will update after I get a few weeks in them to see whether I leak

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    Sorry, I don't think I can be much of a help here, but I'll give it a shot.

    I know Britain can be pretty desolate of diapers in common shops. Are you able to buy online? I've heard molicare are good, but that's only word of mouth.
    If you are unable to buy online, I take it you have already considered DryNites? If you have a smallish waist for your age the larger size should still fit, and are accessible easily here.

    I know Im not much help. Sorry, ^^ By the way, another Scottish Furry!

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    I too suffer from eczema, and when it's bad, the plastic causes my skin to get hot and it makes the eczema ten times worse...

    I know Attends do make cloth backed nappies, so if you can get those on the continence service then give them a try. Otherwise, your best bet is Abena or Lille - both do cloth backed. Or like BlueMoonWolf said, consider a pullup youth or adult nappy. The former will have to be ordered online, but Boots sell a selection of pullups - StayDry, Depends, Tena.

    I hope this is the advice you were looking for!

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    Happily all the major manufacturers and a lot of online retailers will supply free sample packs - or only charge a few pence for them. Tena has a product finder on their website - Find the right TENA for Men bladder weakness protection with the product finder - TENA Click the sidebar for a completely free sample pack. Beware of offers on ebay sending one nappy or pad for 99p - the supplier I use only charges 10p for a sample pack with several items. The downside is you have to pay postage but this is a one off charge and if you buy anything else it will absorb it.

    See: and other pages on the site. Each section from the sidebar has a 10p offer. Also remember that you can reclaim VAT from online purchases - not usually possible in store.

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