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    Hello everyone,

    I haven't done a forum intro for quite some time so please bear with me!

    Firstly my name... Obviously anonymity is paramount, so my name isn't actually Reedwizard. Reedwizard is my fairy's surname. As you can probably guess from that, I believe in fairy's. My fairy lives in a forest of oak and lime trees and is only seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking. He's very easy going, so I'm sure he wont mind me borrowing his surname!

    Anyway, more about me. I love motorbikes and currently I'm the proud owner of a very noisy triumph. I love fishing as well and when I'm not sat by the side of the water, I'm often found many metres under the water breathing out of a tank.

    I'm happily married and a dad of one. I'm currently studying for a degree which is a very welcome break from the dull drudgery of working for a living, although once I graduate it'll be back to the grindstone (but hopefully with more money coming in this time!).

    As far as diapers are concerned (being a brit, I will often refer to them as nappies, apologies if that's bad etiquette) I'm a DL with slight toddlerish tendencies. I've been into diapers for about 2 years now. My wife is very happy with this part of my life as thankfully I look rather cute in a diaper. Also, my wife and I are in an adult nursing relationship (ANR), so if you have any questions about adult breastfeeding, I know a little about that so feel free to ask. I stumbled across this site a couple of days ago and fell in love with your "wiki". I used to be a member of another abdl site, but it was never very busy on there and started getting too many trolls for my liking. ADISC looks a lot busier and seems to have fewer trolls, so I decided I would jump in and see what the waters like!

    I guess that's all for now folks... All comments questions and criticisms of me are welcome!

    Thanks for reading my intro

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    Welcome to the site! You haven't done a forum intro in a while? That mean you just aren't that interested in forums are are you just the type to stick to one and not let go? I'm the latter, so I can understand not being used to jumping in a place where you don't know everyone.

    I highly doubt that anyone would mind you calling them nappies, I'm definitely fine with it myself. This site, (at least to me, and most others) is about support.. so that's just part of it. Supporting each other as best we can. That's sort of something I do with my everyday life, and not just here.. which is part of why this site drew me in more than others.

    Goodluck on avoiding the grindstone as long as possible. Though maybe if your pay is increased, it won't feel quite so much like work. That's the way I've always thought it was, anyway.

    I'm always here if you need someone to talk to! Have a great adventure on the site!

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    Hi gigglemuffinz... Thanks for your reply.

    With regards to forums, it's the latter. Once I find a place I like the feel of, I tend to make myself comfortable and settle in for the long term, which is why I've not had to do an intro for a very long time!

    Glad to here it's a supportive environment here, I have had a wander across the threads here and it all looks very positive, which like you seems to be part of the draw for me.

    As for avoiding the grindstone... 2 years ago I decided I wasn't happy wage slaving from one job to the next, so I took a good long look at myself, figured out what I wanted to do, realised that I need a degree to do it and enrolled myself into uni. Hopefully when I come out the other end I'll not only be earning more, but I'll actually be doing something I'm passionate about too!

    Oh and btw, I love your avatar!

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    You are very welcome! I really love responding to new members introductions, almost a good 1/3 of my posts are just posting on people's intro's. I like making people feel welcome and stuff, and I always feel sad when I see people being passed over.

    I tend to make myself comfortable and settle in too, though to be honest I have been on this forum for a while.. I just feel like I have yet to make a strong family with the community. That's a big thing for me, why I end up sticking to one or two forums. I make wonderful friends and just become so apart of the community that it feels like a big family for me.

    There are some negative things here and there, I won't say it's perfect.. but that could be said about just anything, you know?

    It's great that you really found out what you wanted to do with your life, and you are working at that. It's one of the most important things you can do, in my opinion. I really have done it myself, but I see so many people struggling with just figuring out what they want.

    Thank you so much for complimenting my avatar. It's a picture I found of Colette Brunel, from a video game called Tales of Symphonia. She's always been a sort of role model for me, and she just seems cuddly in the picture. I wanted a picture that made me feel like someone you can hug, because that's who I am.

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    Well you have certainly made me feel welcome!

    It's funny you should say that your avatar is of a character you see as a role model. That's why I picked Mike Wazowski! Aside from Monsters Inc being one of my favourite films, I really identified with Mike! I would even go so far as to say that if I was a disney character, I would be him! He's such a sweet little monster and he's often overlooked by people who think Boo and Sulley are better. He has a true heart of gold, bless him!

    As for negatives, you get good and bad wherever you go, but on the whole it seems this is a nice place to be.

    You're so right about a lot of people not knowing what they want in life. I guess my biggest fear is getting to the end of my life wishing I'd done something better with it. I may not succeed in everything I do, but at least I can turn around and say I tried!

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    That's my aim!

    Yay, I feel like I've done what I am supposed to when someone feels like sharing! Mike was my favorite character in that movie, and it's a great character to choose for your avatar! Me and Disney have had some issues on getting along, but Monsters Inc. was one of the ones I actually enjoyed. I haven't really found my Disney persona, thanks to our troubles with getting along.. but there are a ton of characters I do bond with. I've always found that bonding with characters and just discovering characters is a great way to even learn more about yourself.

    Whatever will be, will be. It's just best that you try to live the life that will leave you feeling the least amount of regret. Live for no regrets, I suppose.

    I feel a little naughty, spamming your intro with conversations. Though it's learning more about you, so I suppose I'm doing just fine.

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    I wouldn't worry about "spamming" my intro. It's lovely talking to you and you're certainly a lot more interesting than the snooker championship on the telly!

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