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    I'm so sick of feeling sad all the time. I just got out of the relationship that has caused me more pain than anything else on this planet could, yet for some reason I find that I still have a hollow feeling without him. That combined with everything else makes me feel so depressed and suffocated. I'm not suicidal, let me just add that in. I haven't had suicidal thoughts in a long long time. I'm just so depressed that most of the time I would rather lay in bed and either listen to music or just go into a state of regression (I'm talking about TB regression) to escape from the creeping sadness that seems to have taken root. Now, some of you may already have chalked this up as teenage hormones, and you may be right. I don't know anymore. I just want to be able to live on, and try to be happy for once, but life won't seem to let me. For example, Monday I was feeling more depressed than usual, since it's a Monday, and I snapped at my friend. Later on I went to apologize. Here is how the conversation went.
    Me: "I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier. I've just been-"
    Friend one: "Pissy?"
    Friend two: "a total f*cking a$$hole?"
    Then I just walked off, trying to keep from crying and punching my friends in the face. All I was trying to tell them was that I was depressed.

    Anyway, the main point of this whole thread is to ask
    Have you gone though anything like this? How did you get over the depression?

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    Well, the closest thing I can think off the top of my head, which is not saying much really, is that there are times where I feel like all I do is cause my fiancee problems. All I will try to do is help her out or tell her how I feel and problems start. I don't know if I just have incredibly bad timing, or I am just out right terrible with words. Honestly, it would not surprise me if it were both. And maybe it is because I am so much more laid back than her, but sometimes I think about how much more trouble I cause here than she causes me and I wonder why she hasn't left me yet. I don't know how much this will help you, but it usually just takes me some time alone to think, usually some music to help me relax, and someone to talk to about it. Most of my friends are pretty open so I can talk to them about pretty much anything. Even getting to let it out to someone is of some relief for me. So, maybe try to find a friend that is quicker to listen. I am sure there are plenty on here, as this is a pretty great community.

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    The only long-term and meaningful relationships I've had I've been luckily enough to end on good terms. So I've never felt the depression/grief to the extent that you're feeling it now. But, I have had many friends who have gone through exactly what you're going through.

    I'm going to try and answer your questions using the experience I've gained from helping my friends through their breakup, and I won't sugar coat it for you. The simple fact of the matter is from what I've seen, there are no rules on how to get over your ex. Different people's minds and hearts, work differently to each other. Some people shrug it off and move on very quickly, others never completely get over someone. It really does depend on you.

    You have the ability to get through this, or to give in. Everyone has the emotional strength to move on. Human beings have been falling in and out of love for millennia, and that in itself might help to give you some perspective. In the grand scheme of things, whilst your first love is important and gives you an understanding of how a relationship should be (and thus a reference point for every subsequent relationship - and I am assuming here he was your first love), if you allow yourself to move on, you'll find that there are so many people out there to choose from. You're young, you need to experience and love more, and you will, if you allow yourself to.

    You need to be brave. You need to get out there and "grab the bull by the horns" so to speak. Exercise, socialise, find a hobby, go for long walks, pick up an instrument, read some interesting books, listen to music or whatever takes your fancy. And even go as far as to start meeting new people; not in the search for a new boyfriend, that should always come naturally, but instead so as to distract yourself, and have fun.

    By all means, take time to get over him. Your heart will need to time to heal, but also, please don't let it take over your every waking thought (find some distractions that help you forget, albeit for a short amount of time), or change who you are, because in the end he's not worth changing your personality over. I know it's difficult, but it's times like these you need to have heart to hearts with your best friends, and get stuff off your chest and cry on their shoulder. A lot of the guys on adisc have had experience with this sort of thing as well, and you would do well to approach them for advice.

    Keep your chin up dude, and remember we're all here for you!

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    A little bit of new information. Today while I was messing around on YouTube, I got curious and decided to look at my boyfriend's/ex-boyfriend's channel. It said he hadn't been on in a week, and he's been ignoring me for over a month. Then, a few minutes later, I refreshed all my pages. His channel then said that he hadn't been on in 7 minutes. I sent him a message on YouTube, on MSN, and on Yahoo. Still no reply. He just keeps breaking my heart. What a jerk.

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    High school is the best time and worst time to have relationships.
    They break extremely easily, but you learn so much from them.

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    I feel your pain. When I was 18 I fell head over heals for the boy who lived down the street. We became very good friends and flirted with sexuality. I knew he was for the most part, straight, and he was a little younger, so I accepted that we would be very close friends, but not lovers. Secretly I harbored such pain. At the time, Simon and Garfunkle were popular, and I loved their music. They sang sad songs, about loneliness and alienation and even suicide. I was there with them.

    As time past, I found others to love. Eventually I met my wife, fell in love, had children and now have grandchildren. Time gets us through the rough times, that and getting ourselves up and doing. But to this very day, there will be those quiet times when I go down into my family room and play Simon and Garfunkle, and all those feelings return, including the depression. Sometimes I just need to revisit John. Why should love, if it's real and intense, ever die?

    Back when I loved him, I wrote a poem about him. It ended like this:

    and breezes which spilled our emotions like leaves blown through streets,
    only to meet me, and I them at some distant spring.

    I know this sounds prejudicial, but having loved both sexes, I think being gay and losing a same sex lover is more difficult. The chances of finding someone of the same sex is more difficult because only a small portion of the population is gay. Finding the right guy is that rare wonderful moment. Its loss is great.

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    It is perfectly normal to feel sad over the end of a relationship. I am not one to medicalize normal human grief.
    But clinical depression does usually start from an initial cause. If you feel so bad you don't want to get out of bed and it goes on for a while, do get some professional help.
    Sure we like to say "in feeling depressed" when we just mean we have low spirits or have garden variety sadness, but true depression where there is no joy in the world, no beauty and no reason to get out of bed is another matter. Then you are wise to get some help.

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