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Thread: "Mother said they'd be days like these..." -or- "Meditation Through Your Pursona"

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    Default "Mother said they'd be days like these..." -or- "Meditation Through Your Pursona"

    So, I thought I'd come on here and gripe, since you all are such good listeners

    This morning, I was putting some chicken in a dish to marinate while I was at work. (I've been on a big marinading kick lately for some reason...) Mind you, at this point I was still tired, hadn't even had a cup of coffee yet, a requirement for me to be in an even reasonably mood.

    So there I was, shaking the bottle, and it slips out of my hand. Rather than just hit the ground or break open gently, I hits the floor just right so that it blows open the seal and shoots marinade ALL THE F*[email protected] OVER! It coats the cupboards, counters, toaster, oven, microwave, refrigerator...hell some even got on the ceiling!

    Now, I would usually freak out and curse a blue streak! However, I paused for a moment. Now..."what would that little furry inside you do?" I found myself smirking slightly. To be honest, I found not the urge to be mad, but instead, all I wished was to flop down on the floor, all padded up, in my jammies and call out to my "mom" to fix everything.

    Of course that wasn't an option, but imagining it managed to take just enough of the edge off to keep me from blowing my top. It took 45 minutes to clean it all up and I got to work late, but I was still smiling as I drove to my cubicle.

    That's all.

    PS I meant "fursona" by the way, not "persona" in the thread title.

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    That's quite brilliant! Sorry you had to clean up that mess. I've had similar things happen, but normally the adult me gets those swears in before the little boy wants to play in it!

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    I should really try to find a way to stop me from cussin all the time, i mean if that happened to me i probably wouldve punched a hole in the wall while yellin at the top of my lungs "f*** my life!"

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    Sounds like a variant on WWJD. Just as effective, though, if you feel more in touch with your fursona than with our Lord and Saviour.

    I'm not religious, by the way.

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    I would swear like a sailor and possibly start growling as my eyes widen...

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    I did something like that once... with a full spaghetti sauce pan that I placed back on the stove, apparently not quite on the burner. It fell off and splattered everything; the cupboards, appliances, walls, ceiling, white carpet (yeah, white carpeting in a kitchen).

    No cursing up a blue streak, though. I was 11 and my mom did happen to be in the kitchen, so I just stood there with an 'uh-oh' look on my face. Then I got chewed out and spent the next couple hours cleaning.

    Your idea for calming down when something annoying happens is a good idea; I'll have to try it next time I feel like letting loose with the colorful language.

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    dude i would totally play in it first as long as it smelled good ^^ my inner dog would win

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