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    My boyfriend has been sharing his love of diapers with me for several years now. It's a learning process, but the more comfortable we get with it, and each other, the easier it gets. It makes him very happy, and I love seeing the delightful change in him when it's diaper time. I am relatively new as a mommy, but he is very patient with me, and was kind enough to tell me about this site. I look forward to learning more!

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    We certainly welcome you with open arms!

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    Welcome to the site. I hope that we can be of help. I'm sure that by joining, you can find out to some extent, what makes us tick. It's also nice to have a support group and realize that you are not so much a part of a very rare group of people, but that there are a number of us. I'm glad that you have been so accepting of your boyfriend. My wife is equally accepting of me, and when I'm in my "little self", I too am happy and at peace. Life is difficult enough without having to deny an important part of one's self. Great that you are the accepting kind.

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    Thanks dogboy. This has been a great journey, and my boy is becoming more and more comfortable sharing his needs/expectations with me. I'm glad to have found this site.

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    Hey there, welcome to the site from a fellow Michigan resident.

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    Welcome, Welcome It's great to see significant others coming here to contribute. Glad you are hear.

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    welcome to the community. it's great that you care enough to learn and be a part of his life that most don't want to have anything to do with.
    I think you will find that this site offers more than just diaper talk, so feel free to share and start some new topics.
    Like is has already been said, this is a support group for those of us that need/share our thoughts, needs, desires, interest, and more.

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